101 in 1001 FINAL Update!

I can’t believe it has already been 1001 days since making my 101 in 1001 list! It’s been a lot of fun not only checking things off but seeing how things have changed in the last 2+ years. I love having a list to go off of that is goals for various facets of life, but also to keep track of how my life is going. I updated my final list below, and I would love to know if you finished off your list as well! I am clearly been awful with blogging and don’t have much time to read others blogs lately, so let me know in the comments if you recently blogged about your list because I would love to check it out!


Start: November 16th, 2015                     Finish: August 13th, 2018


  1. Read 30 books (30/30) Done! Early 2018
  2. Start and maintain a daily devotional for a month DONE! 4/2017
  3. Create a budget and stick to it DONE! 4/2017
  4. Save at least $30,000 *We’re pretty close to this! 
  5. Hang wedding photos above the fireplace DONE! 7/2016
  6. Buy a new SUV DONE! 12/28/2015 we bought an HR-V
  7. Host a Friendsgiving We hosted a Christmas-friendsgiving in 2016
  8. Buy a house *We have talked about this a lot lately, but it’s working out really well for us living where we do since it’s in the same neighborhood as my family. We will likely stay in this neighborhood, but the right house hasn’t come up yet. 
  9. Get rid of 30 things in my closet (30/30) I sent a huge bag to Goodwill in March, 2016
  10. Have an album made with wedding photos
  11. Finish the bar downstairs in our house
  12. Start and finish a Project Life scrapbook
  13. Start our own tradition We have started a lot of traditions in our first year of marriage! 
  14. Take a trip for our 1st anniversary DONE! Mexico 6/2016
  15. Take a trip for our 2nd anniversary DONE! Alexandria, VA 6/2017
  16. Take a trip for our 3rd anniversary *Our anniversary was 3 weeks after having Olivia so we didn’t get to take a trip this year- but we’re 100% okay with that! 
  17. Read 3 devotionals (daily or otherwise) DONE!
  18. Finish our bedroom Done! 
  19. Record a one-second a day video for one year (like Megan) DONE! 
  20. Read the entire Bible *I am halfway through right now! 
  21. Make a quilt
  22. Only buy essentials for one month
  23. Get a new/better DSLR and learn how to use it Learning to use it in March 2016
  24. Continue to grow our little family with a human sibling for SharkBait (this might be at the very end though 😉 ) DONE DONE DONE!
  25. Build a fire in our fire place by myself (yes, I know it is easy, but I am nervous!) DONE in January 2016
  26. Save $10 for every task completed from this list $640 transferred!
  27. Visit 10 new places (10/10) DONE Atlanta, Boone, Seattle, St. Louis, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Nashville and Louisville all by 7/16. We have far exceeded this goal.
  28. Go on a girls trip DONE! SC in 8/2016
  29. Have a wine tasting at 5 wineries (5/5) DONE! The blogger wine trip helped to seal this deal, and this is another we have far exceeded
  30. Go to Charleston, SC DONE! I visited Meg in 9/16
  31. Take a brewery tour Anhauser Busch brewery tour in April 2016
  32. Go to Nashville, TN DONE! I went for Karen’s bach party in July 2016
  33. Go skydiving
  34. Go to Japan DONE Sept. 2017
  35. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast 11/28/15 in Cape May
  36. Swim with sharks (again)
  37. Take a trip with another couple (or two or three!) to a new place New Orleans for my 25th birthday with Gina & Josh
  38. Drive around Iceland
  39. Take a train ride
  40. Go hiking somewhere new DONE! Hiking in Vermont/New Hampshire
  41. Go to Disney World DONE! We went to Disney World in November 2016
  42. Successfully drop one ski while water skiing
  43. Go camping
  44. Go for a bike ride in 3 cities (3/3) New Orleans, Louisville
  45. Take another cruise DONE! Bahamas cruise in December/January
  46. Go zip-lining DONE! In Mexico for our anniversary trip
  47. Visit 2 countries (that I haven’t already been visited) DONE! Mexico and the Bahamas
  48. Go snowmobiling
  49. Take a spontaneous weekend trip
  50. Visit 5 new restaurants (5/5) 
  51. Ride in a hot air balloon
  52. Use AirBnB 3 times New Orleans, Charleston, Philly DONE!


  1. Exercise at least 3 times a week for 3 months
  2. Find a fitness class I enjoy
  3. Do yoga 5 times a week for a month
  4. Drink at least 8 glasses of water, every day, for a month DONE 2/2017
  5. Run 3 times a week for a month
  6. Run a 5k
  7. Find a makeup care routine that works for me DONE 2/2018
  8. Reach my goal weight and maintain for 3 months
  9. Go through my makeup and invest in good products DONE! 7/2017
  10. Have a spa day Done!
  11. Go paddle-boarding 5 times in one month DONE!
  12. Start a daily skincare routineDONE 2/2018
  13. Go 1 month without fast food DONE!


  1. Make 3 crockpot recipes  DONE!
  2. Make 5 healthy freezer meals
  3. Pick a random page in a cookbook and make whatever you get
  4. Cook a meal for someone else DONE! 
  5. Successfully make french macarons DONE! February 2018
  6. Help make Thanksgiving dinner 11/26/2015
  7. Make 3 recipes found on Pinterest I made these meatballs on 12/9/15, Honey Siracha Chicken, Mock Olive Garden soup DONE
  8. Make peach cobbler
  9. Make up 3 cocktails (that actually taste good!) (2/3) Old Bay Marg & Vanilla Blackberry Moscow Mule
  10. Eat Vegan for a day DONE!
  11. Grow something that I can eat/use while cooking DONE! 7/2017


  1. Send at least 15 handwritten notes in the mail (15/15) DONE! I send thank-you notes to vendors that work with us on styled shoots. 
  2. Pay for someone else’s coffee/meal 5 times (5/5) DONE! I  pay for the person behind me often when I am at ChickFilA & whenever there is a police officer behind me in any drive-thru
  3. Leave a 100% tip
  4. Take Emily (my sister) on 2 trips (1/2) Atlanta, GA
  5. Volunteer at least 5 times (2/5) 
  6. Donate to 3 different charities (3/3) 
  7. Throw a surprise party for someone DONE! Dave’s parents 30th anniversary party 
  8. Give 3 handmade presents (0/3)
  9. Make family dinner one week (all 15 of us have dinner together every Wednesday) 11/18/15 I made this recipe for everyone
  10. Help someone else achieve one of their 101 goals


  1. Meet 3 bloggers in person (besides my Baltimore loves!) DONE! (3/3) I met Meg & Jaquleyn in Charleston, and then went to happy hour with some other Baltimore bloggers in November, 2016
  2. Create an e-course (dreaming big here y’all!)
  3. Record 3 vlogs (3/3) DONE! I have recorded a few more than 3 at this point 😉 
  4. Finish 2 courses to further my blog (0/2)
  5. Take part in a mentorship program, as a mentor


  1. Plan and coordinate 6 styled shoots (6/6) Completed in December 2016
  2. Coordinate 15 more weddings (15/15) 
  3. Finish 2 courses to further my career (1/2)
  4. Start a blog for Enchanting Events April 2016!
  5. Attend a wedding industry conference DONE! AKP Retreat
  6. Exhibit at a Bridal Show May 1st, 2016!
  7. Read 3 business based and encouraging books (3/3) DONE! The Best Yes & Grace Not Perfection & The Magnolia Story
  8. Finish my office (this is Blog + Biz)
  9. Instagram Story consistently
  10.  Take a calligraphy class *I am signed up for one in 2 months!

64 out of 101 doesn’t seem too bad to me!


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