4th of July Weekend

summer night

What an awesome summer weekend! We found out at the beginning of last week that we had off on Friday, which meant Dave and I were both able to work a wedding on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. But this also got us excited because we were able to have a crab feast and pool party with two of our friends late into Thursday evening. Crabs, Natty Boh, and a pool were the perfect end to the work week. This also meant we were able to explore one of the quaint areas of the shore in between set-up and pick-up. I will eventually have a full post on this adorable part of Maryland, but for now I’ll share a few photos.


Kirkland Manor

St. Michaels The wedding took place at the Kirkland Manor in Easton, and I can not wait to plan a wedding here. It was gorgeous! After set-up was complete, we spent a few hours touring St. Michaels, which was only a short drive from the manor. The cute little shops, historic B & B’s, and the waterfront views are breathtaking. I would love to come back soon for a night. Me, Dave, my sister Emily, and my mom all worked the wedding, so it was nice for the four of us to hang out afterwards.

1 year engaged

I was so excited when Saturday rolled around, as I have mentioned over and over, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. It’s normally like Christmas Eve the night before, but I was exhausted from the long day. I wasn’t very happy to wake up to rain, but no matter what we would have a great day. Dave and I started the day with a toast to being engaged a year ago, and everything that has happened since then. Afterwards, we headed to my grandparents for the annual independence day bash, and started setting up some tents to keep the rain out. The rain ended up stopping right as people began to arrive, and the party was started! We also made sure to take a photo in the exact spot of where we had gotten engaged. This time both of us had rings!

There is always an open house policy, anyone can come and stay as long as they would like. It’s so much fun to have different people together every year to celebrate our freedom and amazing friendships. We normally have the boat going for tubing, swimming or just some boat rides, but with the weather this year it was a little rough. That didn’t stop any of the kids from enjoying the water though! We even got most of the guests involved in some rounds of flip cup. Watching my grandparents play and flip their cup right away was awesome, I wish we had pictures!

Blanket 4th Dave Sparklers Sparklers

Once the evening rolls around we get ready in our places for the fireworks. My best friend Jenn has been coming to our 4th of July parties for over 10 years, and I love having our picture taken sitting on a blanket watching the fireworks year after year. Last year, her son was too little for the fireworks, and this year he fell asleep before they started, I’m hoping he makes it to them next year! I love comparing the photos from every year and remembering everything from that 4th of July party. It’s such a symbol of a perfect summer day and celebrating America!

We were able to relax a bit on Sunday and then were off running errands to prepare for our honeymoon. It’s only 3 days away and I am getting more excited every day. 3 entire weeks with my husband galavanting around Europe sounds like a dream come true, and for the both of us it really is! I am so excited to see what we learn and explore during our time in Europe.

How was your weekend? Did you have a nice 4th of July?

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