6 Years Later – The Blogging Journey

Six years ago last month I sat down to start this blog. I had no idea the path I would take to still be writing in this space all these years later but I’m really happy there has been a consistent home for my thoughts and memories.

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Over the last six years I have reminisced on our travels, marriage, and life in general which I absolutely love looking back on. Most of all I am thankful it has been a place where I have connected with others. Some of my IRL best friends are because of this blog and I now have friends all over the world. Since I am feeling so nostalgic about these memories, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite stories along the way.

Wedding Wednesday

I co-hosted Wedding Wednesday with Meg from Borrowed Heaven (I even stayed with Meg for a long weekend in Charleston!!). From this little link-up I have several friendships with other bloggers who were getting married around the same time, and it’s amazing to watch their lives change as we approach our 5-year anniversaries. I’m thankfully friends with several of these brides on Facebook because we have all slowed down with blogging a time or two, and I enjoy keeping up with everything going on in their lives. I even had the same wedding dress as Vivian! Then years after our weddings, Mary and I had our first child 2 months apart, it’s things like this that really stick out to me. 

I hosted a 101 in 1001 challenge and was overwhelmed by the amount of bloggers who participated. It was really cool to check-in every few months with progress updates and also to see how our lives/goals were changing. My favorite item checked off was “Have a human sibling for SharkBait”, by welcoming Olivia to the family. 

Holland America Cruise through Europe

I shared alllll about our honeymoon cruise. It was fitting to blog about all of our various experiences since I read blogs daily while planning our trip. I have shared lots of other travel adventures but I would love to catch up from our trips over the last 2 years! 

I learned how to turn my blog into a business through brand partnerships, sponsoring other bloggers (do side-bar ads still exist?!) and creating tangible products. I learned about how taxes for a business work (which was a huge benefit when I started my Wedding Planning business a year later!) and how to stand up for the work I was doing instead of just accepting product for hours of content creation. 

Above all of this, I have so many friendships that I hope last a lifetime. I’ve connected with many beyond just comments on blog posts and instagram messages. I followed along with Emilias NICU journey for her daughter, Lindsays venture into starting a podcast (check it out here!), Alex’s success with Poshmark (see her closet here), and so many more amazing people. I could never mention all the people who have made a lasting impact on me, but I am truly forever grateful for so many connections deeper than just the words here on the blog. 

All of that to say, THANK YOU! To those who have stuck around for 6 years, with my fading in and out of blogging over the last 2 years, the transition to being a wife and then a mom, it means so much to me! 

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