6 Old & New Songs I Love Right Now


I have managed to be in my car by myself a lot lately, which is rare because Dave and I carpool to work almost everyday. With 10+ hours driving to and from North Carolina, lots of client meetings for Enchanting Events, and some random outings, my favorite way to pass the time in the car is belting out a tune. Not all of these songs are new, in-fact some of these songs were my favorite car jams when I was in High School, but all of these can get me singing. I definitely recommend these 6 songs to listen to next time you need some music to pass the time.

1. Castle on the Hill- Ed Sheeran. This was my favorite song to and from NC at the beginning of this month. Ed Sheeran is such a talented artist and I am in love with basically everything he writes. This song is no different and I can totally imagine myself singing this song long into the summer when my sunroof is open and the windows are down. ps. who is going to see him in concert with me? His new album comes out on March 3rd :)

2. Jamie All Over- Mayday Parade. Oh Mayday, they were one of my favorites in high school and thereafter, I have been to so many of their concerts and I’m thinking about going to one in May just because I want to reminisce. Their older songs can get me singing my heart out at the very first beat.

3. Paris- The Chainsmokers. Closer was my jam for what felt like the majority of 2016, and then Dave played this song a few weeks ago and I had the feeling it would start taking over the airplay that Closer had…and it has. It’s a fun song and come on, who doesn’t love thinking about Paris?

4. Adele in general. I thought about listing a few, but there are too many to count. I had this thing about 4 years ago where I could not listen to Adele. It was during the Set Fire to the Rain era and it played on the radio SO. MUCH. and I worked at IKEA where it played about 30 times in one shift every day. I kind of removed her music from my inventory…until this latest CD. OMG. Why didn’t anyone tell me to listen to the rest of her music, besides just what played on the radio? She is incredible. I’m way late to this game, but yes. everything by Adele is the bomb.

5. Lost Stars- Maroon 5. Another older song, but one of my all-time favorites. It’s from the movie Begin Again and for some reason it’s one of those songs that I can listen to over and over. Maybe because Adam Levine has the most beautiful face voice, or because I loved the movie so much. In the end, give it a listen.
6. Good Grief – Bastille. I pretty much love everything by these guys, but this song might be my favorite off of their newest album. It’s a good sing in the car, play the steering wheel kind of song. The slight accent through the lyrics doesn’t hurt either ­čśë (keep in mind, their videos are a bit eccentric)

Do you know all of these songs? What are your favorite jams right now?

  • http://www.emilyabernathy.com Emily Abernathy

    Really great list! I hadn’t heard that Chainsmokers song yet, and I’m adding it to my playlist I listen to every day. :) Thanks for that! And I’ve been listening to all three versions of Lost Stars on repeat ever since I saw the Begin Again movie. Such a great song!

    • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

      Thank you!! Lost Stars is so good! I also like all of the versions. I need to watch that movie again :)

  • http://www.apaperarrow.com Kayla Whitter

    YAASSSS! JAMIE ALL OVER. I love that you love this song.
    This is an A+ list. :)

    • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

      I am SO HAPPY that you like that song, too!! Mayday Parade, We The Kings, All Time Low and The Maine were my all time favorites, with some Paramore, A Day To Remember and Taking Back Sunday mixed in ­čśë

      • http://www.apaperarrow.com Kayla Whitter

        Yes. I love all of them!!!

  • http://www.thefreeandwildblog.com Annie

    Ed Sheeran is my absolute FAVORITE musician. I saw him live a few years ago and it was the best concert I’ve ever been to. If he ever comes back, I would love to see him again! (Him, and Sia…obviously…)

    • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

      Let’s PLEASE go together if he comes back! Sia would be great too, I just realized she is 40! I definitely thought she was a teenager.

  • Jen

    I love Ed Sheeran! He is such an amazing artist, definitely a favorite of mine.

    • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

      He really is! He is great all around!

  • http://ohhey-ilikethat.com Lauren

    Can we just talk about how happy I am that you love Adele now?????!!!!

    • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

      Haha I knew you would understand! When this new cd came out I couldn’t contain myself.

  • http://vivianbishop.com Vivian Bishop

    Love it!!! I still listen to Mayday Parade very frequently! I am loving Ed Sheeran’s new music too!

    • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

      Mayday is such great throwback/nostalgia music! I can’t wait for his new cd!

  • http://www.myborrowedheaven.com/ Meg Taylor

    I’ve loved Maroon 5 since I was in middle, and I’ve loved how their sound has changed over the years! Now I have some jams to get through the rest of the workday – thanks :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  • http://mylifeasbrianne.blogspot.com/ Bri

    Ok so I had never heard of the Chainsmokers before but when I’m teaching I’ll put on music for my kids & I have it shuffle between Today’s Country & Today’s Hits and they come up all the time. I love them now.

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