A Few Hours in Murano & Burano


So you may have read my tales of Venice last week, and how I wasn’t totally a fan, but I didn’t share my absolute favorite part of our time there…visiting Burano! If I’m being honest, Burano was my only reason for excitement when I found the cruise itinerary with Venice. I knew this would take a chunk out of our day on the main island, but I needed to see those colorful houses.

Murano Murano

On our water bus journey, we needed to travel to Murano in order to buy a ticket for a different water bus and make our way to Burano. I was even excited about seeing Murano. I had heard a lot about this beautiful island as well, if you are familiar with Murano glass, this is where it comes from. The buildings weren’t as vibrantly colored, but the bridges and unique craftsmanship was worth the trip. We walked around for a while, and then boarded the Burano water bus.

Burano, Italy

As soon as Burano was in sight, I had butterflies. I could see the brightly colored buildings and the pretty water ways among them. Once we stepped off the boat, it felt like a tight knit community. There were children playing in blow up pools on the sidewalks, neighbors hanging laundry as they talked, and groups of people sitting along the water. This made me want to call all of my neighbors and ask if we could all paint our houses pretty colors- maybe it would bring us closer.

Burano, Italy As we walked around, there was no lack of lace, masks, and brightly colored boats. This small island is known for it’s lace because in the 16th century, the women of the island started making it with a needle and thread. Soon after they started making it, the rest of Europe wanted to buy it.

Everything about this island was so quaint and adorable. I can see why it has become so popular over time.  Burano, Italy

Burano, Italy

This tower was on all of the postcards, it is actually leaning!


Burano, Italy

Burano, Italy Burano, Italy Burano, Italy Burano, Italy

Have you ever been to Burano or Murano?

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