Austin, Texas

From Here To There: Austin, Texas For SXSW

Austin, Texas

We are back from our 10-day vacation…hahah. Actually, we were in Austin, Texas for SXSW again. The company we both work for had a booth so we spent 4 days talking to thousands of people about why they need personality in their lives. We first attended this “conference” last year and had a wonderful turn out, this year was a little less and seemed to be a bit less crazy, but it’s still nice to get some of the team together in a different place. I also love Austin, Texas so I can’t complain.

Our trip started off with some rainy weather and getting things together for the show, but it was nice to have an afternoon break to grab some Torchy’s Tacos. If you haven’t heard of Torchys you are truly missing out. There are several locations all around Austin, Texas. They serve of some amazing tacos, including breakfast tacos with potatoes and friend avocado. I have to admit, after eating Torchy’s 4 times within 3 days, I was a bit ready for a break.

We also stumbled upon a parking lot full of free alcoholic root beer and cherry cola…along with a float station! Alcoholic root beer floats?! YES please! Best Damn was handing out these delicious drinks and had a food truck to fill your belly along with it. We played some corn hole and giant jenga as we finished our drinks. Hello free things at SXSW!

Austin, Texas Best Damn Rootbeer

I was really happy to get the chance to explore some new parts of Austin this time around while the guys were taking part in talks and other activities that were too cool for me. I walked Congress Street for a while, had some delicious gelato, and snapped some photos. Texas has some of the most beautiful cities.

One morning we were able to go for a 3 mile kayak on the Colorado river before starting our long day, and it was so incredibly worth it. Seeing Austin from this view was breathtaking, I can only imagine what it would look like at night! We had a shorter day so we were able to relax in the evening as well and for the 4th time, we didn’t see “the bats”. Seriously, I am starting to think these things don’t even exist.


After our experience of no bats, we walked down through the 6th street madness to see a tattoo shop that had been converted into Harley Quinns tattoo shop and they were actually giving people free real and temporary tattoos, you can only guess how long that ling was during the day.

Since we were there during SXSW, we decided to take part in one of the film events- a outdoor showing of Smoky and the Bandit. Burt Reynolds was even there for a quick interview. It makes me so sad to see how old he looks! The next few days were full of work and not very much fun, so I will leave you with some photos instead!

Austin, Texas




Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Have you ever been to Austin?


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