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{Volpes Tie The Knot} Bridal Party Gifts

I for one am so excited that it is Wednesday because of course I get to talk about my wedding for paragraphs on end, but also because it is officially Nikki’s first week co-hosting with me! I’m excited to share details from our wedding while Nikki is still planning hers, and I fully plan on living vicariously through her for those moments because I already miss it so much!

I didn’t plan on sharing any gifts yet, but since I posted a sneak peak of the bridesmaids gifts last week, I figure I can go ahead and at least share the details on their gifts. I started buying the bridesmaids gifts right after we got engaged. As soon as I saw something I wanted for them, I bought it. Buying everything slowly meant not spending as much money at one time, there was no chance of me forgetting about it, and I could buy more for them.

Knowing all of my gals so well also meant that I knew how much love they would put into every detail that I needed them for, so I wanted to spoil them as much as I could. I started off with 7 bridesmaids, as you may remember from my very first posts, but on my wedding day I only had 6. That is a story for another time, that I haven’t wanted to talk about yet because I try and keep the mood as positive as possible! I know I already said this but I really loved the day before our wedding with all of these gals, they made everything worth it!

Now onto the goods:

Bridal Party Gifts

  • Personalized hanger- gorgeous dresses on plastic hangers is one of my biggest pet peeves so this was one of the first things I bought. They looked so pretty hanging together on the day of the wedding.
  • Champagne glass- I actually made these with dress decals from this shop on etsy, and initials from another one that has since closed. The glasses are from IKEA.
  • Purple and Mint straws- because every cocktail and mimosa needs a cute straw! Bridal Party Jewelry
  • Personalized robe- I knew I wanted everyone to match as we were getting ready and I went back and forth between button-up shirts and robes but in the end went with robes because I feel like they are more likely to be worn again.
  • Monogrammed bracelet- I wanted each girl to have something special that they were able to wear often, if they wanted. These were the perfect touch and I gave them the option to wear them on the wedding day if they wanted.
  • Knot earrings- I was in love with these as soon as I saw them because they were the perfect set of earrings to match our theme! I also gave them the option to wear these on the wedding day, and all of them did! I also may have bought myself a pair of these too πŸ˜‰

Bridal Party Bags

I included these purple makeup bags full of day-of emergency goodies.

  • Hairspray- It was a summer wedding for one and for two can you ever have enough hairspray with an up-do?
  • Make-up wipes- We were all dolled up and I knew it would take a few of these to get wedding makeup off. At the end of a long day, after I have already taken off my bra, getting my makeup off feels wonderful!
  • Tissues- For the makeup, sweat, tears, anything! They are always handy to have around.
  • EOS lip balm- This is my favorite lip balm and it was mint…I had to get them!
  • Lotion- We were all working hard to set up and get things ready so lotion was a must.
  • Gum- Most people were talking to so many people all night and vodka breath isn’t always the best.
  • Vodka- Because well it was a wedding!

Not pictured are the statement necklaces I gave them, not for the wedding but just because I found them in mint and purple. Some girls got mint, and others got the purple…I may or may not have kept one of each color for myself.Β One of my bridesmaids said it was like Christmas morning, I was so excited to hear that because I loved putting all of their gifts together.

Flower Girl Gifts

For the flower girls:

  • Button-up shirts- To get ready in and I must say they looked adorable in them!
  • Personalized Beach Towel- Since it was a nautical wedding I figured a beach towel was a must.
  • Personalized bag- I found these on Etsy and fell in love! I knew my gals needed them
  • Personalized Tumblr- Since they couldn’t have any champagne, I could at least give them a cup!
  • Dress- I gave them each a dress for the rehearsal dinner if they wanted to wear it, and they both loved them so they did. Those pictures are also adorable!
  • Mint & Purple Headband- I randomly found these in Target and they matched the dresses perfectly!

Can you tell I wanted personalized everything? It was so fun getting everything together and I would love to do it all over again if I could!

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  • Jordan Kennedy

    Love these gifts so much! I’m going monogram crazy for my bridal party gifts for wedding in October! I’m doing little emergency kits like this but instead of a makeup bag it’s a monogrammed clutch that they can have with them all night. I was just about to make a shopping list for these items so thanks for posting yours! So excited for my first link up with you! Pop over to FormerKennedy.blogspot.com to follow my quickly approaching wedding πŸ™‚

    • Jordan Kennedy

      Thanks for checking out my post Macy. I’ll it slide that your a Ravens fan lol. I love watching sports but don’t get too caught up in the rivalries. My dad played professional baseball and I always thought it was funny when people got so worked up with stuff like that πŸ™‚

      • Macy Gutermuth

        Of course!! I love reading about everyone else wedding, it makes me miss mine even more πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to see everything you get for your gals, monogrammed clutches are such a great idea. My girls needed something like that because 2 of them lost their phones until the next morning. I guess it was a fun night πŸ™‚

  • Meg Taylor

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE everything you chose for your girls!! The robes really made for awesome photos, and I wish I had thought of champagne glasses! The bracelet and earrings for the wedding are fantastic ideas!

  • Svetlana Holt

    Those are great gifts – I especially love the emergency kit and I might have to borrow the idea for my own big day!

  • Mary Bolster

    Macy, these are such amazing gifts! I love every piece of them. I totally agree about the hangers, and the ones I gave my girls are very similar. I love how much you incorporated your colors into the gifts. Your bridesmaids are some lucky girls!

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