But I Don’t Like Surprises!

I am a total planner, in every aspect of my life. This means I am not a fan of surprises, if I can’t plan for an occasion I lose my mind. Dave knows this and normally can’t get anything by me. For valentines day and my birthday I pretty much figured out what he had planned. I didn’t even try to, I’m just really good at reading him and I focus too much on the clues.

Yesterday was different. He mentioned a month ago that I needed to keep the 29th open. I thought we were going to get dinner somewhere or something, so I didn’t really try to find out what we were doing. He was very anxious all day long, which isn’t normal for him but I still didn’t really look into it. All I knew was he planned on leaving sometime in the evening, again I had no idea what was happening.

I was home writing a post for yesterday and he says “we have to go now!” (At least the post is planned for next week now 😉 ). So here we go driving and I have no clue where we are heading. I see that he gets a text from a code name, the text said “on my way”. Soooo we are meeting a person? I still had no idea. Hundreds of thoughts were running through my mind, but I was trying not to think about it.

We arrived at a restaurant and he told me to walk in. As soon as I turned the corner I found my surprise, the best one anyone could ever plan for me…my best friend Allison was sitting there!!

For the past month Dave and Allison have both kept this from me, and I have no idea how they were able to do that. I was on cloud 9, I probably scared the people around me when I squealed crazy loud. Having a long distance best friendship is difficult, but being able to see her after 10 months is the best thing ever!


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