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Can I Dress Up Everyday?

Halloween is now over, all costumes are put away, the pumpkins have been chucked, and most goodies have been consumed. I, like most people in their 20’s, love getting dressed up as somebody or something else and going out for a great night with friends. This year my boyfriend and I decided to make a costume and buy a costume.Image

My first costume was Peter Pan, which is the one I made. It was super easy, which worked out well since I am still starting to be slightly good at sewing. I purchased 2 yards of jersey fabric in hunter green. In all honesty 1 yard would have been enough. I put the fabric on the floor, had my boyfriend trace the outline of my body and added an extra inch to each side for a seam. I cut the top straight across so there would be enough fabric for a collar (unfortunately it can’t be seen in one of the only pictures I took). Once I had the hem sewn I cut a zig-zag on the sleeves and on the bottom. The dress was a little longer than I wanted so i bunched it up a bit underneath of my belt. The only thing I purchased was the green hat. I had grey booties that I hot glued brown felt to and left some sticking up at the tip.

Of course my kitten, SharkBait needed a skirt so she could be Tinkerbell. I used some sheer glittery fabric, cut a zig-zag and sewn it to some ribbon. Hook got his red shirt from the women department of a thrift store, and I put lace around the sleeves. All we had to buy for his was a hat and hook.Image

My second costume was bought, but I’m not one of the people that can afford a $60 costume. In August I decided what I wanted to be and bought it from Amazon for $18! I also made a mask out of lace and felt. My boyfriend decided to be the “real” version of my Spiderman and bought a t shirt and used other clothing he already had. To complete his costume he bought a retro camera at a yard sale. My kitten needed to match of course, she wore a Spiderman shirt I bought for her a few months ago, and I made a red and blue tutu.

Well that was my halloween. The total for 4 costumes, and 2 kitten costumes came to about $47. I am already starting to plan next years costumes, hopefully I can get it even lower!

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