December Recap

December Recap

I didn’t plan on recapping December since I went over the entire year last week. But here I am! I just couldn’t let so many big things pass by without mention on the blog, and I might be sad looking back in a few years and totally forgetting what I had done surrounding our first married Christmas.

Styled Shoot

The month started off with my very first styled shoot. Oh my goodness, I can’t even express how thankful I am for so many wonderful friends and the amazing people I have met in the wedding industry. I am dying to get the photos back, and I can’t wait to share them when they get here. I do have a sneak peak though, Megan and Annie were lifesavers and the most beautiful models for the shoot. Maddie from Chesapeake Charm Photography was the incredible photographer.


That very night, we celebrated one of my great friends getting married! I actually met her husband in 9th grade, and then we all worked together at Ikea, where they met! We have been friends with them for so long, and their wedding was absolutely beautiful. One of the most gorgeous brides I have ever seen, but I may be a bit biased. It was really fun getting all dressed up for a fun night of celebrating.


The following weekend we headed to Atlanta, which I already started recapping, so I won’t totally bore you with the details. But really, taking my sister on vacation is awesome and I hope we can do it several more times this year.

In The Plane

Right after we got home from Atlanta, we were off again to Buffalo. Dave’s grandparents and some of his family live there, so we began our Christmas celebrating early. We lucked out and got some snow while we were in town, it’s looking like that is the only snow we will see this year.


Star Wars

Instead of leaving the airport and coming home once we arrived in Baltimore, we headed 2 hours south to Dave’s parents house. They went to Buffalo for Christmas, so we weren’t able to see them over the actual holidays and this was a great way to spread Christmas cheer even further! We stayed there a few days, enjoyed each others company, had a Christmas dinner, looked at lights and went to see Star Wars. I loved having this time all together, I wish we could see everyone more often

A few days later we celebrated our first Christmas Eve and Christmas as a married couple. I haven’t had any sort of Christmas traditions for most of Christmas Eve for many years, I was really excited to have some this year! My grandmother came over my parents on for lunch, and we all spent time together for a few hours. Afterwards, we left to go home for Dave to make our 7 fish dinner. This is a tradition he has always had with his family, and it was really nice to have this time just the two of us. After our dinner, we headed to my grandparents for my favorite Christmas Eve tradition…wrapping and drinking.


This tradition started 24 years ago when we (me and my siblings) would go to bed on Christmas Eve and my mom would escape to my grandparents. They would wrap presents, listen to Christmas music and enjoy delicious drinks. 6 years ago, I started taking part in this tradition. This year was Dave’s first year taking part and we had an awesome time. We wrapped all of the gifts, had so many laughs and had countless peppermint martinis. Cheers!


On Christmas morning, we woke up at our house and opened gifts. Then we were to my parents and opened gifts with my siblings. I loved still being able to take part in this tradition with them, they will only be little for so long. After gifts, I made breakfast for everyone (I am on a roll with cooking thanks to #my101in1001), and then we spent the rest of the day eating, playing games and enjoying each others company.

New Car

Another one of my favorite Christmas traditions is shopping the next day, we got some goodies for next year. After this, we were counting down the days until we left for our NYE trip to North Carolina..until something awesome happened. We have been looking for a specific car, specific model and specific color since August, yet nowhere ever had it in stock. We happened to stop by a dealership and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the car we have been looking for. It had been transferred from another dealership, and it was PERFECT. We spent many hours at the deanship, test driving, and figuring everything out, but it worked! We bought the exact car we have been looking for, a HR-V EX in Black. Our very first big purchase together!


The very next day I got together with the other Baltimore bloggers AND their guys for dinner in Baltimore. Laura couldn’t join us for December, but I can’t wait for what we have planned for this month! I love seeing these gals, have I mentioned how thankful I am for them?!


We had a great December and end of 2015 full of family, friends, traveling and laughter. #herestoyou2016

  • Emelia @ Dream Big & Buy the S

    How fun–you had a busy and exciting month. I love recapping the month and looking back on all the great things I did. I wish I knew some Erie bloggers!

    • Macy Volpe

      It was very busy but so full of love. I wish we were closer and could have blogger coffee dates <3

  • Lauren

    I love hearing about your Baltimore Blates–and it’s so cute that you brought the guys along! You certainly had a jam-packed December! Hopefully January will be a little more relaxing :)

    • Macy Volpe

      Now Dave understands that I am not totally crazy with my “internet friends” haha

  • Elise Laney

    I LOVE that burgundy dress!!!

    • Macy Volpe

      Thank you!! It took me forever to find the perfect dress, but ModCloth saved the day.

  • Laura Powell

    Holy cow December was such an awesome month for you! I didn’t realize that Mandi photographed your styled shoot – I went to college with her! So cool! Also, those matching PJs are the absolute cutest. I need to find those shirts! And congrats on the new car! :)

    • Macy Volpe

      Ah!! It is seriously such a small world! Mandi is incredible, I can’t wait to share her images. Thank you!! Dave actually made the shirts, I am sure if I asked nicely he could make you some :)

  • Ashley @ Wandering Weekenders

    It’s always amazing how much we can manage to fit into one month, but the holidays are such a fun time of the year, that I know that everybody works so hard to fit in as much time with loved ones as possible. That’s so exciting that you found your car! I hope that the new car smell lasts for a long time!

    • Macy Volpe

      Seriously! Going back and recapping this month was shocking. I have no idea how I managed to fit SO much into 31 days. Thank you!! I could not believe it when we found it on the parking lot. I love it so much.

  • Meg Taylor

    What an amazing month!! I love your matching pjs. I hope you’ll share some of the styled shoot photos with us :)

    • Macy Volpe

      Thank you!! I absolutely will! I am working on a new Planning Website & Blog, so more will be there when I FINALLY figure out how to build a website that isn’t just a blog haha

  • Megan

    You had the busiest and most exciting month ever! Love love all the photos and can’t wait for the recaps! I spot my RBF showing in that top photo….haha can’t wait to see the official photos!

    • Macy Volpe

      Looking back, I have no idea how all of this happened in such a short amount of time. GAH you and Annie were PERFECT! I seriously can’t wait to show them off!

  • Vivian Bishop

    December was quite a busy month! I can’t wait to see the pictures from your shoot, and buying a car with your husband is so exciting, huh?? And also, I am in love with your dress from that wedding!!

    • Macy Volpe

      It really was! I don’t understand how all of this happened in one month. Yes!! I was so excited to do something like this together and have both of our names on it. Thank you!! I was so happy to find it on mod cloth!

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