Do Not Lulu



Lulu is an app for women to find out information about their exes, boyfriends, guy friends, male coworkers, etc. and it is pathetic. The sad thing is that it is also created by women. I mean sure, everyone does a little digging on their exes here and there after things end, but you do not need to see all of the information about hookups, jerk moves, or everything they did wrong before and after your relationship. Believe me, all you need (honestly you don’t need to know anything) is what is posted on facebook, twitter, or instagram.

Lulu uses hashtags to rate guys based on personality, looks, bedroom style, humor, commitment and ambition. If you know the guy you are looking at in the app, you know all of this already because you clearly have known or dated him. How hurt are you going to be when some other girl posts that she knew he had a girlfriend, or he is a cheater. We shouldn’t open wounds from years ago, it’s time to move on.

What if you get curious and look up your current boyfriend and there is hurtful comments. It could be somebody from elementary school that never got the chance with him posting something untrue. This could crush you, mean people are out to hurt anyone they can. Don’t give into this. Your best guy friend, that could never hurt a fly could have some mean comments towards him. People are mean just to be mean. You just never know what girls will say.

Girls should be motivational, and want to help each other get past exes, and lost friendships. Stop trying to beat up on other females, or we will never be treated the right way. Get out of your own shadow and stop with the “burn book” ways of Mean Girls and middle school. So today, help another girl. Tell somebody she looks nice, or comment on her sweet personality. Maybe there still is a chance for the girls.

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