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Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

How To Wreath With everything going on this Christmas season, I have not had the chance to do as many DIYs as I would have liked. I bought so many craft supplies, but only managed to finish one of them. The most important one to me, a Christmas Wreath, hasn’t even been touched. Last year we put Wrapping paper over our door and big bow, but I wanted to show off our purple door this year. Our purple door being something I keep meaning to post about but haven’t gotten around to it, sorry y’all!

I found the perfect wreath on Pinterest, and bought the supplies right away…in November. Everything has been happening so quickly that I didn’t have the time to sit down and actually do it, so I settled for less, but still adorable! I was in the craft store the other day and noticed they had pre-made garland wreaths on sale for $1.99, I picked up two without even having a plan. Who can say no to $10 off a wreath! As I was walking through the Christmas goodies, I found some cute decorations on sticks and clips, so I picked up three, again not knowing what I would use them for.

As I was walking through the store with these random items in my cart I had an idea, I could make a cute and easy DIY Christmas wreath in about 5 minutes. I hurried over to the wooden supplies, grabbed a wooden “V” (I know, I know, this isn’t my last name initial yet), checked out and left. I went home, busted out my red paint and got to work.

Wreath 1 I started by laying out the items I had and deciding which piece would go where. The best part about this wreath was I could stick in the goodies without have to tape, glue or cut anything.

Wreath 2 Then I pained my wooden letter red

Once The letter was dry, I put everything in place on the wreath and wrapped a few of the garland pieces around the letter to keep it in the right spot.

Wreath 3 and Boom, I would say it looks great on our pretty purple door! This may have been the fastest DIY I have done yet. Dave’s mom will also be happy to see her initial on our door since it won’t be mine until June.

Were you able to do any Christmas DIYs this year?


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