Facing Fears

Recently, in the office we were talking about facing your fears. There were about a half dozen of us talking and all of us feared something different. We also all had a different perspective on how exactly we could face our fears. It’s crazy how something as general as this topic could sprout so many different options, and really prove how different everyone is. I wouldn’t say I am a very fearful person, but the things I am afraid of, I am really afraid of. It’s something I plan on working on, and I have a few ways to try and do it, but some of them will just take time.

My biggest fear is spiders. I know, this isn’t really a huge deal for some people, and a good amount of people don’t like them but I fear them to no end. One time a large spider crawled next to my desk and I started hysterically crying, sat on top of my desk and it was really hard to breathe. Why does this happen? Why am I so afraid of something so much smaller than me (this one wasn’t that much smaller though)? It was a terrible experience, and I was so scared and shaken up that I didn’t even get embarrassed that I just had a major meltdown in front of my coworkers.

Another fear I have is a pretty weird one, bandaids. I HATE them, they really freak me out. It isn’t as much of a fear as it is purely disgusting, but I really will lose it if one touches me. I feel the same way about those weird character sticker packs and the ones in coloring books. I don’t like them one bit. Sorry future children, they aren’t coming into our house.

A more personal fear I have is having children. I have had some health problems for the last 7 years, and there is a big possibility it could hinder my ability to have children. Coming from a big family, I have always known that I want my own children, and I want the feeling of being able to carry them myself. There are women daily that fight the battle of infertility, and I feel for them so much. It breaks my heart reading of their stories and constant pain. I just need to remind myself that God will never give me something I can’t handle.

Do you have any big fears?



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