Family First Pt. 1

Look at that I was able to use two F’s for my title today. I’m not sure if I have ever really posted about my family, so I guess now if the perfect time to do it. I come from a family of 5 kids, and I am the oldest. The first reaction I get it is, “There are five¬†of you?! How did your mom do it?”. Honestly, she did it fine, great actually. My mom is seriously Wonder Women in my eyes. So now for my first post of Family, I will get to life with 4 siblings.

Emily 2

My first 7 years on this earth were spent as an only child, with a bunch of younger cousins. I am blessed to live next door to my cousins on my moms side, and grew up with them basically being my siblings. For some reason, even though we were neighbors, we would still spend weeks at each others houses in the summer. I have the best memories with them and love that I will continue to make them as we get older. My sister was born in 1998, and my reign as favorite child ended.

Emily I couldn’t have been happier to have a little sister though. Since I was homeschooled (another piece of information that leads to peoples heads spinning) I was able to spend a lot of time with her and really watch her grow up. My dad owns his own company and was traveling often so my mom would take us on trips all the time to Ocean City, Bethany Beach, Williamsburg, or wherever else her heart desired. Looking back, even though I was young, these are probably my favorite years.


My mom always wanted 5 children, but after several miscarriages she never thought she would have anymore. The doctors kept saying she couldn’t have boys, and it would be a rough pregnancy no matter the gender. My Parents continued to try to give me and Emily more siblings, and it finally happened a few years later. Our brother, Toby, was born. I remember every step of this pregnancy. From us finding out in my aunts kitchen, to helping my mom prepare to tell everyone it was a boy, to me passing out from sympathy pains while she was in labor. I was ecstatic. Having a baby brother was a new journey and I really enjoyed helping my mom with babies.

Brody and Cody

Her next pregnancy was 2 years later when my second brother, Cody, was welcomed to the family. There we some scares throughout this pregnancy for my mom, and it was decided that 3 siblings was all I would have. At this point I was enrolled in public school, and ready for some attention (looking back, I was a brat) and having only 3 siblings was way enough for me. But then (again) 2 years later, it happened. Another baby boy was on his way. I hate admitting this but I didn’t even speak with my mom for weeks when she told us. I really regret this now, but hey I was 17 and like I said, I was ready for attention.

So fast forward 6 years. I have a 16 (next month) year old sister, and 3 younger brothers who are 11, 8, and 6. I wouldn’t change it for the world. As we all grow up, our interests change, and things we relate about become slim at times, but I know I will always have them. Even with being the oldest, each of my siblings mean something different to me. I know Emily will always be my best friend, she would do anything for me in a heartbeat and I am really blessed that our relationship continues to get stronger. Toby is the thoughtful and caring one, he has a sensitive side and helps whenever you ask him. When I lived at home, his room was across from mine so I would go in and talk to him several times a week and hear about school and his activities. Cody is more athletic and up for adventures than the other two, so we really relate on that aspect. I love football and other sports, so I know he will always be willing to go outside and throw the ball around. Brody is the youngest and everyone knows it. He is such a ham, and gets away with everything. He knows exactly what to say to make you smile, and to let him do what he wants. It’s nice when all he wants is to sit next to you and watch a movie (rare these days).


I am so thankful for my family and the relationships we all have. I can’t imagine life without my cousins next door and my grandparents less than a minute away. For some people, being close with their family is okay with them, but for me, I love it. The constant chaos at my parents, the yelling from house to house to my cousin as they are in their pool, the bike rides to my grandparents, and everything in between is something that I have grown up with and I wouldn’t have it any other way. No wonder I only moved 2 streets behind my parents. I can’t wait to share more about my family, but because there is so much to say, one post was just not quite long enough.

All of Us 2 All os Us


I hope you enjoyed learning about my siblings, check back for my second Family First post next weekend!


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