From Here To There {Ocean City}

Way back for Labor Day Dave and I took two of our friends to Ocean City. They are from the West Coast and hadn’t been to OC before, so of course we felt the need to show them the sights. It was also great to have one last trip to Ocean City before the summer comes to an end. No matter what beaches I visit, I will always have a certain love for Ocean City, and the surrounding beaches. I have been there every summer for my entire life, that is where most of my Easters with family were celebrated, where I took my first trip with just my friends (Senior Week!), the place I have been sunburned over and over. I will never be able to stay away.

We left work on Friday and went straight to the beach, I have no idea how but we missed all of the Labor Day traffic! We got to our hotel, had a few drinks and headed to the boardwalk via the “Drunk Bus”. One thing Ocean City really has going for them is the the public transportation. The bus is only $3 for a daily pass between 6am and 6am.

Surprisingly the boardwalk wasn’t very crowded, even with it being 11pm on a Friday, but this meant easier access to drinks for us! We stopped by Guido’s for a ginormous Margarita and some throwback songs, then went to my favorite place ever…The Wrapper! I can’t go to the beach without getting a boardwalk wrapper, I hardly get anything besides chicken and cheese even though there are so many kinds. For those of you that have not been able to experience a Wrapper, it looks like a pretzel dog but instead of being a pocket full of hot dog, it’s full of practically any food you would want. They have vegetables, crab, pork, steak, eggs, etc. and they are amazing. I hate myself for talking about it with them so out of reach. After we had our Wrappers we continued to walk the boards until we went into the Purple Moose, there was a pretty good live band and some very drunk girls that kept us amused. We soon realized we were old, and headed back to the bus around 1:30am. I’d say it was a great first night in OC!

Saturday we managed to get up around 10am and head to the beach for a few hours. Dave is awesome and packed us lunch, drinks and cheese with crackers, I am marrying the most thoughtful guy ever. I could lay on the beach all day long and still not want to leave, but we had an agenda that afternoon…Happy Hour!

I have never been to Seacrets during the day, so we planned on stopping by for a few drinks and hanging out in the loungers. When we arrived our first stop was the bar, while my friend and I were waiting for order all 4 of ours this guy insisted buying ours for us. I told him it was okay that we were here with our guys, and he still insisted, he said he didn’t want anything more than to treat us to some drinks, so we let him. Our guys were pretty happy to save $20 and waited at the bar to get their own, when our free drink buyer came up, shook their hands and told them he only wanted us to enjoy our vacation, so sweet! We then made our way to the bay and it was beyond packed, so we stayed on the pier until our drinks were gone and headed to a better, calmer Happy Hour.

We made our way to Macky’s and enjoyed some amazing fruity drinks, great food and a nice view. I was so happy with this and hoped we could make day drinking last all day, which I have never successfully accomplished before. After Macky’s we headed back to our hotel, grabbed some drinks and went to the pool for a bit. Our hotel was right on the bay and the sunset was the perfect view from the pool with our drinks in hand.

After some pool time, and Frozen karaoke with the fellow hotel guests, we decided we were ready for dinner. We called Dead Freddies to make a reservation and they told us we had to be in the restaurant and it was a 45 minute wait, we were so happy when we arrived and were seated right away! Dinner was great, and then it was time to head back to Seacrets. The great thing about Seacrets is if you go during the day, you don’t have to pay cover at night, this saved us $20 each! They have 5 different areas during the night, but the nightclub is my favorite. They always have an awesome cover band, and that is the perfect way to spend a night in my opinion. Rocking out to 30 songs I know my heart from all of my childhood up to now is great.

Our last night was very successful, and we still had one more day to go. Sunday morning we went back to the boardwalk for one last Wrapper, and then headed to Rehobeth Beach. I love Rehobeth because its 75% cheaper than Ocean City, and their arcades are better. It’s about a half hour away, and leads us to go home through Delaware. We enjoyed some Kohr Brothers Ice Cream, and our last look the the beach before heading home. It was a wonderful Labor Day Weekend, and I am already planning more trips back for next year, hopefully a Bachelorette party there as well 🙂







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