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50 Yards after Super Bowl

Since I can’t control my wedding excitement, and it’s part of my everyday life as a wedding planner, I am excited to be joining a new link-up: From Miss to Mrs. This link-up will run every Thursday through September and I am excited to take part every now and then. Today the prompt is “Hi My Name Is”. Since I just recently introduced myself through the Blog Everyday In May prompt, I am going to do a introduction to the start of my relationship with Dave. I’m sure I have mentioned this before at one point or another, but it is fine to think back on everything we have been through together.


Dave and I met in January of 2012. He was an intern at the company we both currently work for, and I was working in between HR and the data resource departments. It’s a start-up, so it is typical to wear a few hats. I knew instantly that I was attracted to him, but I also knew right away that I couldn’t let anything happened between us since we worked together. I was also the one that wrote the handbook, and it mentioned that it was frowned upon to date a coworker.

Time passed and the two of us became very good friends. My best friend also worked with us and we were all together very often. We met Dave’s best friends, and all of us quickly became inseparable. We would all hang out several times a week, and every weekend. Meanwhile my feelings for Dave were growing more and more. I talked about this to my best friend, and she suggested I go for his brother instead…looking back on this all I can do is laugh. Especially because I absolutely love his girlfriend, my hopefully one day sister-in-law.


On June 22nd, 2012 all of us were out in Baltimore, and it felt like a normal Friday night. We danced, laughed, drank maybe a bit too much, and then while we were dancing Dave asked me “what would you do if I kissed you right now”. I was stunned, I didn’t say anything, and he didn’t care because he kissed me anyways. We were dancing to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and all of our friends started clapping. It really was a fairytale.

For a few weeks we kept it pretty quiet, only our close friends new what happened, or what was happening. We spent many evenings talking about how much we didn’t want to be in a relationship, and we liked how things were. After some time of going back and forth, Dave asked to take me on a real date. All of a sudden I was terrified. Was I really going to do this? What about work? What about not wanting to fall in love ever again? After a few hours, I agreed. He told me to be ready by 12 and that is all I knew.

Beach 5

I had him pick me up at my friends house so she could talk me down before our official date. He picked me up and we were on our way to the aquarium. My favorite place. He had been paying attention when I said I wanted to go there for the last several months. I was SO excited. We had the best day, I wish I could have bottled it up and saved it to remind me of the butterflies, the stolen kisses and the laughs from that day. Best. Date. Ever.

Since July 29th, 2012 Dave has had my heart. I couldn’t imagine doing life without him. He is happy to take part is every adventure I suggest, deals with my endless stress, and loves our kitty to the moon and back. We have experienced Paris together for the first time, went through his heart surgery, and spent evenings just hanging out in our house. He is my rock, my happy place and my best friend. In just 9 days he will be my forever.

jam 3

Also, as you can tell from the above photo, I have been working on my fitness a bit! Thanks to Casey Ho’s Hot Body Year Round. This book is a great intro into staying fit all year, and focusing on your diet and exercises in specific months. I highly recommend it for any Brides preparing for their weddings!

*I received this book from blogging for books, but all opinions are my own

Sorry this was a sapfest of a post, I can’t hold back the emotions these days <3

  • Meg Taylor

    Awww just LOVE this post!! I cannot believe your wedding is almost here – eeeekkk!!! Also, Dave’s Maryland bathing suit is awesome.

    • Macy Gutermuth

      I am going into full panic mode right now! I can’t get over it. The MD flag has become a staple lately lol. I have a matching bathing suit but it’s much smaller than the ones I normally like to wear haha

  • Kaycee

    Thanks for linking up! :) Your love story is so cute!! I love how he remembered your favorite place is the aquarium and took you there on your first official date. So sweet!!

    • Macy Gutermuth

      Thank you!! He did a great job, swept me right off of my feet :)

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    Sap away, girl. I love this post!! It’s adorable and so sweet <3 I'm just discovering your blog, so allow me a quick belated CONGRATULATIONS!! <3 So cute

    • Macy Gutermuth

      aww thank you!! and thank you for stopping by <3

  • Annie Demczak

    Oh my goodness, EEEK! I am so excited for you two! You are SUCH a cute couple! I love hearing other people’s love stories! (: CONGRATS! (Also, should we talk about how we totally went to high school together? Totally realized that today! But seriously…this is important)

    • Macy Gutermuth

      Awwww!! Thank you!! I can’t believe we went to the same high school, how did that happen and us not know!!

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