Getting In The Christmas Spirit

Between getting our house ready and redecorating we have been exhausted. This past weekend was supposed to be about cleaning and finishing up our house, but that didn’t happen when we were invited to a Christmas party Saturday evening. Dave was smiling from ear to ear at the thought of a Christmas activity before he surgery, we went home, changed into some red and green, and then were off to drink Christmas sangria with some friends. It was a really nice break from all of the madness.

While we have had some major setbacks in our redecorating time before Dave’s parents arrive next Sunday, we found time to decorate for Christmas! I am so thankful for my family who made things much easier for us and have helped with painting, sanding, organizing, etc. There is still some more to be done, but isn’t there always? We will be working hard the rest of this week to finish everything before Friday night, when we are hosting a going away party for two of our great friends. I am probably crazy for doing this in the midst of everything, but I couldn’t help but offer. Parties, Christmas and friends, what is there to say no about?

I am excited to share some updates on our house later this week, but for now enjoy some pictures of our almost finished Christmas Tree! I say almost because I can not find the tree skirt we had last year, I may have to make a new one in my spare time.

christmas ornaments Christmas Christmas Christmas  


  • marykrulia

    You are so cute! Love the tree and your ornament!

    • heymacee

      Thank you!! I was so excited to finally put it on our tree!

  • Laura P

    What a gorgeous tree! I love the big bow! Mike and I have that very same engagement ornament! :)

    • heymacee

      Thank you!! Our friend got it for us a week after our engagement, I was so excited to get it.

  • Meg

    Pretty tree!! I love that stormtrooper ornament haha!!

    • heymacee

      Thank you! That one is all Dave 😉

  • Mia @ MakeMeUpMia

    LOVE the bow on top, too cute! PS- It won’t let me reply, but THANK YOU for your sweet comment and for wanting to send them a card. Means the world!

    • heymacee

      Thank you!! :( that no reply blogger thing keeps happening, booo.

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