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Getting Inspired

How dare WordPress not post my scheduled post for yesterday! Sorry about that loyal fans and A to Z friends 😉


Getting Inspired. Thinking of something that makes me happy with the letter G was a little tough, I thought of lots of things like gifts, glamorous, giving, etc but I just wasn’t truly excited to write a post about them. So here I am kind of taking my idea away from my post meant for tomorrow (guess I’ll need another “I” word), and posting about “Getting Inspired”.

Most of my posts are about life experiences, something that caught my eye or made me think, or what I am currently loving. When I look back at them they all having something in common, I was inspired about a specific topic and chose to share my thoughts with the world. What causes people to be inspired by something?

For me getting inspired can come from many different things, I could be walking to my mailbox and hear the neighbors playing in their yard, looking up prices for my next vacation, or searching Pinterest for my next DIY. Everyone is inspired by something different.

It’s fascinating to me that something that might seem boring to me, like doing sudoku, can get someone else’s creative juices flowing. I normally put it down after about 5 minutes. It also is crazy to me that activities that I enjoy, like walking through a museum, wouldn’t really inspire me in a super creative way. Yes, I would post about my experience, but I wouldn’t be inspired to go out and do something for the art world, or to go paint a masterpiece.

So in regards to how I get inspired, here are my top three favorite ways:

Music. I really love music no matter what emotion I am feeling, and it also helps clear my mind so I am able to be creative. I have a tattoo of a music note on my ankle because as crazy as it sounds there have been times in my life that listening to a certain song was like having a friend around. Whenever I need to be creative, or think of ideas for a project, the first thing I do is turn on the music. Most of the time it’s something to get me in a great mood, which almost always ends up being Katy Perry.

Say Yes To The Dress or Four Weddings. Even if i’m not looking for inspiration with anything wedding related, I love these shows to help get me thinking. SYTTD is more of a way to clear my head while watching the girls try on amazing dresses, and Four Weddings is good for color and theme inspiration.

Going out on the boat. Unfortunately this is a summer thing, but being out on the water with clearly no where else to go and nothing else to do is so calming. I love taking a good book, a float, or a fishing rod and spending hours on the water. I also keep my phone nearby so I can jot down notes while I am out.

As I get into the event planning industry, these three things will help me so much. What helps you to get inspired?


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