Good Morning, Baltimore!

Bike Fed Ravens

It seems that everyone has an opinion of Baltimore because of The Wire, and I would like to show another side to this good ol’ town of mine. I have lived in Baltimore Country since I was born, even though we have a love/hate relationship at times, I am extremely happy to have lived here for 23 years. Although some areas are similar to events on the show, other areas are full of character.

During the Spring, Summer and Fall there is always something to do and most of it is accessible by bike or public transit. We aren’t like most large cities because we have a very small metro system, and it is really only used to get people from the outside of the city into it, not to get people from one area to another. However, there is a lot of biking and walking. I love all of the street festivals that happen around the area including, Fells Point Fest and Flowermart. I have memories of both of these from as far back as I can remember. I love walking around in the nice weather and hanging out with friends. Day drinking is always nice too.

My favorite place to bike to (besides Cross Street to get some great food) is the park on Federal Hill. The view from the top is amazing, and something is always going on. You can bring a picnic lunch, take great photos, swing on the swings, and even watch a movie here during Flicks On The Hill.

Another favorite pastime of mine is most likely the same as most other people. Baseball games. I’m not really into the Orioles, but I love going to a good baseball game. There are a few bars across the street that always run drink specials before, during and after games which adds to the good time. Most nights you can get tickets for about $10 in the top section and still make your way into the lower section. Whenever the schedule is released I look at the special event nights to see when the giveaways and fireworks happen and try to plan nights around them.

But my absolute favorite thing about Baltimore is that it is the home of the Ravens. If you haven’t figured it out, I am a die hard Ravens FANatic (yeah I said that, oops). It annoys Dave a little bit that I am so obsessed, but I can’t help it. I love the way football works from the draft to training camp to preseason and regular season games. I had my first fantasy football team last year, and have to admit I am so excited to start it again this year. My closet is also about 75% black and purple, which helps on Purple Fridays for almost every Friday of the year!


  • Carrie Ann Tripp

    What an awesome review of your town! I think I would enjoy watching Flicks on the Hill, too! It sounds small town in a metropolitan area!

    • heymacee

      Thank you! It’s a nice in between for the city and county!

  • Amanda

    Visiting from the A-Z Challenge. My husband and I don’t like that far from Baltimore – only about five hours. We visited once and loved it. I couldn’t get enough of riding the water taxis and seeing the views. I had the best pizza when we were there! We posted a review of the tour of Camden Yards last week on our blog. We went to a game while we were in town.
    Amanda at His and Her Hobbies

    • heymacee

      That is too cool! I’ll have to read your review. Perfect timing since opening day was on Monday :)

  • Christina Warren

    Baltimore is RAD! I used to live in Potomac, MD when I was in high school and a group of us would go to Baltimore for fun! It is so cool that you love your city!!

    • heymacee

      That is awesome! I love hearing about others that have enjoyed the city :)

  • Tori Minard

    Never been to Baltimore (I’m from the West Coast) but it sounds like an interesting city. Love that aqua bike pic you’ve got. I want one just like that. 😉

    • heymacee

      Ah I am jealous. It’s in my 10 year plan to end up in California! Thank you, I just got it. Gotta love adorable bikes for under $200!

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