Why Are We Still A Headline Generation?

headline generation


I’m going to start this off with a warning, I am not going to even mention a specific presidential candidate, or elude to a certain one for that matter, even though this is based off of something relating to the election. I guarantee that in the end, it doesn’t have much to do with it. I also don’t mean specifically people in my generation, but those older and younger than me as well. I’m not even saying I am not guilty of the following topic, because I am, but after thinking about this so much, I am doing my best to do better. 

A few weeks ago I noticed two people post articles on Facebook with a caption to go along with a specific Presidential Candidate. This is happening all over social media right now, everyone has their opinions (which is 110% fine) and everyone wants to share who they are voting for. I actually enjoy seeing this because I feel that voting was sort-of lost on my generation, at least for some time it was. Things are picking back up with this election though, maybe they just don’t care about the Governor elections? Which come on, we NEED to vote for them as well.

Anyways, these two people shared articles with their points about the candidate and moved on. I was curious about the article, and also getting the information I need to continue to feel strong in my opinion of who to vote for, and I clicked them. As I read these articles I realized that the original poster captioned the article with a quote and a hashtag related to a specific campaign and it was a direct opposite of the post itself.

Had they even read what this was about? Did they even see the lack of comparison?

I went back and checked the title, it was catchy and slightly led you to believe that the article was about what the original poster intended. This led me to believe that the two people sharing posts had not opened the article at all. Someone else simply posted it, they liked the headline, added their two sense, and shared it. Without even READING the post.

This leads me to my point, we can not be a headline generation, we need to get all of the details. This reminds me of the people that don’t vote because of lack of information, when all the information they need is at their fingertips. We are also the generation of smart phones, google, and social media. All of the information you need is right there, waiting for you to find it. BUT basing your opinion simply off of catchy titles and clever headlines is not the information you should be searching for. When you find that information, find even more, make sure you aren’t being fooled by the media, other people, and random bias.

This is the case for so many things currently happening in the world. The media provides us with titles to draw people in, but we stop at the caption and believe whatever it said. For example, during the Baltimore riots, I had friends all over the country asking me about certain things they had read, some being true and others being blown out of proportion. The media had taken small details and made them into something they weren’t, they used headlines that would draw in the reader, whether or not it was true didn’t matter. How are people supposed to know what things were and what was fabricated?

Look for information, and don’t believe everything you read, especially if it is simply a headline. I hope that as a generation and a large amount of people that can make a difference, that we all work towards moving on from being a “headline generation” and start deciding to be informed as a whole.

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