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I can’t believe it has already been two weeks since I last posted my Hopes & Plans! As happy as I am to be linking up again, I am so sad to be back in the USA. I can’t wait to share some of my vacation with you, but for now here is how I did with my Hopes & Plans from two weeks ago!

1) Clean Eating- I have been doing SO well! only 6 more days until vacation, and then I am going to switch it up a little bit to get more toned for our wedding!  DONE! I successfully did this for our vacation, and I will continue to work on it until our wedding…maybe just not as crazy.

2) Actually Finished The Bedroom- I will finally hang the cord management covers, and hang the shelves on Dave’s side of the room. The room still looks like a bit of a shrine to all of my things. Halfway done! The cord management is finished, but the shelves are not hung…we will get there!

3) Schedule Posts- Since this is only halfway done, I would love to get Social Media tweets scheduled before vacation. I will need to find time for this in between packing and day-dreaming of sitting on a beach sipping amazing adult-beverages. I was so proud of myself for getting this totally done with a few days to spare before leaving. Now if I could just keep up and do it once a week!

4) Finish The Living Room- We got new sofas yesterday, so now we need to get rid the old ones, sell or donate all of the clothes piling up by the door and switch out the entertainment system. I have been trying to sell our old one for about a month but nobody wants it 🙁 If it wasn’t 200 lbs I would put it out with the trash! Our old sofas have sold, we gave my old dresser (it was sitting in the living room for a month) to my parents, and now we NEED to get rid of the entertainment system!

5) Enjoy An Amazing Vacation- Since the next time I will be doing this link-up is 2 weeks away and I will have already had a great trip, I figure it’s fine to add this to the list this week. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK. We had a blast!!

hopes & Plans

This Week:

1) Hang New Pictures- I had some of our engagement photos printed and I can’t wait to hang them! We have a gallery wall in the living room, so I would love to add a few more this week. I also want to add some more of Dave and his family now that it’s our house and not just mine.

2) Post 1st Jamaica Recap- I have several ideas of posts after our vacation, it was so inspiring. I want to start with a general recap of our trip, then about what to do and not do, what you need to pack, and a review of the resort (we LOVED it!!).

3) Schedule a Dentist Appt.- I got new insurance several months ago and my old dentist is not included, so I need to find a new one and make an appointment. I keep putting this off because I don’t exactly love the dentist.

4) Workout Everyday I am Away- I am heading to Chicago for a work trip on Wednesday and I won’t be home until very late Friday evening. I need to make sure I work out everyday that I am away so I can stay awake and alert during the conference. I am also going to try and eat healthy, but last time I was in Chicago I had the most amazing dessert dumplings and I think I need a few more. Maybe I will run to get them and then run back?

5) Find Shoes For Our Engagement Party- YAY! Our friends are throwing us an engagement party this weekend and I would love new shoes to go with my dress. I know exactly what I want, but I’m not having any luck finding them. I may have to go with ones I already own, although I would love to find the ones I have been thinking about!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday, and happy (mehhh) almost fall!


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