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{Volpes Tie The Knot} Hotel Bags For Guests

I’m so excited for another Wedding Wednesday! I haven’t received my photos yet, they should be arriving this week, so for now I am sharing all of the details that I have myself. I can’t wait to really get into everything about the day, from getting ready to the second last dance (we had two-long story, I’ll get there).

Now about the hotel bags. I knew I wanted to do something special for our hotel guests, we had a lot since Dave’s family is from Buffalo, but I also knew we couldn’t break the bank on this one. I searched for Maryland related products and narrowed it down to some specifics. Unfortunately, we couldn’t include Natty Boh- a Maryland staple, because some of the bags were going to guests under 21. Sparkling water had to do.

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Dave designed the logo for the bags and then made them himself. I loved them so much, it was the perfect way to include our logo and hashtag, and the people at the hotel could easily tell which bag was meant for our party.

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The Magazines were from the local tourist center and included things to see in the area, events over the weekend, and suggestions on where to eat. We also included a door hanger that said “we are recovering from a late night celebrating with Dave and Macy” little did some of these guests know that they wouldn’t be getting home until 3am (again-another long story, I’ll get there). We included a weekend schedule and the names of places for other events that were happening: Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, Shuttle pick-up time, Ceremony start time, etc. We also listed some nearby places to eat and things to do.

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As soon as I saw mint sparkling water in Target, I knew we needed enough for the hotel bags. It was a nod towards our wedding color, and I love the Simply Balanced products (because who else besides Target makes their generic brand so adorable?!). We included straws to match. Old Bay was a must, if you aren’t familiar with OB, it is a spice made in Baltimore and it’s delicious. It is most often used on crabs, but we use it on everything from popcorn to lining our Natty Boh cans. It’s that good.
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Because everyone needs a good hangover kit. We included shout wipes (which I am sure everyone needed- ha 3rd long story that I will eventually get to), Advil, a small sewing kit, bandaids and mints. I have a weird thing about bandaids were I can’t stand to touch them, and honestly seeing them makes me cringe, so my grandmother had to put these together.

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Another nod to Maryland is UTZ chips. They are actually made in Pennsylvania, but right over the state line. It is said that the UTZ girl is Natty Boh’s wife, so she had to be included. They are also crab chips, which like I said above, is a Maryland thing.

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Every recap I do of something from our wedding makes me even more sad that it is over. Good thing I haven’t even started with recapping the actual day!

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  • Jordan Kennedy

    I adore these bags, the logo is so cute! I would’ve never thought to use sparking water. Our welcome bags have some local inspiration too. We’ve included items that are unique to the places we’ve called home. We have things from Ohio, West Virginia, Florida, and Georgia. I can’t wait to see all the details of your day. Thanks for another great link-up!


  • makeupHER

    These are seriously the most thoughtful and adorable bags ever. I will definitely be borrowing the hangover stuff along with bandaids, tide, etc…such little details that people seem to overlook until they absolutely need them. The Target waters are just adorable. I love that you included stuff from Maryland that will make your guests think of you guys and the wedding when they enjoy it, such thoughtfulness!!

    • Macy Volpe

      Thank you! The hangover kit was very inexpensive to put together- everything is from Amazon and I kept them in my cart until they were on sale, and then bought them. Once I had everything collected, I put them together. I also put a chapstick in each, but forgot to photograph it.

  • Megan

    These are the best hotel bags I’ve seen yet! I love the door knocker- seriously going to steal that idea for my future wedding (years away..). Also, love that you put Old Bay in tiny tins- I would never have thought to make little containers of it. So cost effective and adorable!

    • Macy Volpe

      Thank you! I am so thankful that Dave is a designer and could bring my ideas to life. We bought a HUGE thing of Old Bay from Costco, and the small jars were on Amazon. We only used half of the container, so I think it’s time to go crabbing 😉

  • Meg Taylor

    These are such a great idea!! We were actually the ones traveling for our wedding (pretty much everyone else was from New England), so we didn’t do bags, but I wish we had!

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