I Don’t Understand

Happy Friday!! A few of my fellow bloggers have been posting about things they don’t understand, so here I am jumping on the train. Here are some of the things I don’t understand, and a glimpse into the random things I think about…

-How is practically everyone obsessed with Game of Thrones? I have attempted to watch it several times, and I actually quite hate it. It’s not even a show that I will deal with just because my friends are watching, I will leave the room until it’s over. I’m also not in love with The Walking Dead, however, I can sit with Dave and my family and “watch” with them (meanwhile, I am really browsing Bloglovin’).

-Why so many people hate the rain. It’s another rainy day here in Baltimore, but I know the sun will come out tomorrow (sorry- I had to). I also love the sound of the rain, and it reminds me of the one night it rained while I was in Paris, it was beautiful.

-Why Dave doesn’t understand when I shorted words while I’m texting. Last week I said I was “going to TG then home” obviously TG means Target. Then he asked what is that, and I still had to type it out. I shortened it for a reason. Duh, Dave.

-Why does it have to be so hard to be skinny and toned? I want to give up trying, but I guess I won’t.

-Do weeks really need to be 5 workdays and 2 weekend days? It would be really nice to have it the other way around. or even one extra weekend day in the Spring and Summer, that would be glorious!

-Why do I always try to find out things about surprises, and why does Dave tell me too much about my surprises. Obviously, I am going to figure it out.

But here is something I do understand, I love this kitty. She can be such a brat but when she poses next to footballs, I forget everything.

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