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Although I have been a bit absent the past few days, I have some great posts coming up! In the meantime, I wanted to share this new lovely app my friend, Lauren, found.

Keep Shopping is like a classier version  of WaNeLo (which I still love, but got a bit bored of seeing the same things repeatedly). The interface is sleek and simple, which I love because it’s something I can do mindlessly to pass the time. There is a desktop website, but I enjoy the app more.  You can look at the main page, which is full of Trending items, you are able to “follow” your friends and other users to also see their saved products.

Keep 1st Page

My favorite page is when you select a product, you are able to “like”, “keep”, or “buy” it directly from the screen. You are also able to create collections when you choose to “keep” it (similar to Pinterest and wanelo). After you choose the option you prefer, you get a cute message to show that the task has been completed.

The profile page, like on all other apps like this, shows each collections which includes the items saved to the group. You can also select “keeps” to see a list of all saved items, or “likes” which will show each liked item. Also, the notifications are on the left menu bar.

The final thing that I love about this app (so far) is the font used for each user. I love the cute cursive handwriting style.

The website also has some cool things like giveaways, so check that out also!

Let me know if you try the app, we can be Keep friends 🙂

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