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In My Carry-On

This post is from December, I judt didn’t get around to finishing it. So here ya go!

I am leaving for Phoenix, AZ and need to get together my purse and carry-on. No matter what going through security is the worst part for me every time, the second worst is getting all of my clothes and everything else in my purse and a small suitcase. My latest goal has been to keep all of my clothes limited to one piece of luggage that I can take onto the plane, which has been quite difficult but I am starting to manage. When I am traveling for conferences I always need my laptop and iPad, but when I travel for fun I only take my iPad, which makes it easier to hold everything.

Lately I have decided that I need to get my “purse/personal item” list down to a small amount of things. I have been including:

Headphones: Most airlines supply you with headphones if they have an onboard movie or their own radio, but I always prefer to have my own. These came with my iPhone and fold up small enough to fit in any part of my bag or my pocket.

Book: I have a Kindle, which I love, but only for going to the beach or pool. Besides that I like to have an actual book, it’s something about the feel of the pages.

Snack: A SoyJoy bar is perfect for traveling. It helps keep me energized, and full while still tasting great.

Scarf: Most of the time it gets cold on the plane, so a scarf is always nice to have with you. It can also double as a cushion if you want to rest your head.

Planner/Notebook: I am one of “those people” that plan plans, and have meetings about having a meeting. Although, I don’t like being like that, for now I can’t help it. I always have my planner with me, and something to keep notes on while I am thinking about what I need to do when I land. With these I also have a pen and pencil, just in case somethings aren’t set in stone yet.

iPhone: I need my phone on me no matter what, even when I have it in airplane mood I am using it!


I will be posting another list like this when I am packing for Colorado in a few weeks, I assume it will be a bit different since I will be traveling in 20 degree weather, instead of 80 degrees.

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