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Again, WordPress? Here ya go, the post about the letter “I” that should have been posted yesterday, as scheduled, but WordPress pulled a line from Pitch Perfect and decided…”mmmm Betta Not”.


Since I wrote about how I get inspired this week, I am going to write about who inspires me.  My list is a mix of people directly in my life, and celebrities. Before anybody decides to get all judgey and say anything about celeb’s being role models or inspiring, there are some that have a wonderful image, and clearly work hard for their status and money.

I am going to go further into detail about the following four people that are my everyday life heroes and inspiration in my next few Family First posts, so I will give some brief details and reasoning today.


My Uncle John, aka Jughead. I have lived next to my uncle for almost my entire life. As I have previously mentioned my family is super close, and we all lived on the same street until I moved a year ago…to two streets behind them. I have always had a special bond with him because of our similar likes, especially in the summer. Some of my favorite memories of him are out on the boat either fishing or crabbing, and I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. He was the hardest worker, and always willing to get down and dirty when it came to fixing things. If somebody was working on their car in the neighborhood, he would a helping hand. When he wasn’t well enough to do it himself, you bet he oversaw the process and gave out step-by-step directions. Uncle John developed cancer in the end of 2011 and lost his battle in June of 2013. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for my guardian angel, and one of my biggest inspirations.

My grandfather, Ron, aka Pappy. My second best friend ever (but tied for 1st place with my mom!). I lived with my grandparents when I was younger and went to work with my grandfather often. One of the best things about being homeschooled was having “take your (grand)child to work day” several times a month. We would go to a place called Lennys for lunch often, and talk about everything. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to go spend a day with him. He taught me everything from changing a tire, to waterskiing, to baiting a hook and even how to swim. If there is a person in this world deserving of anything and everything, it is my grandfather.

My grandmother, Shirley, aka Mammom. Without a doubt my grandmother is my second mom. Since I lived with my grandparents she was always the one to wake me up, make me breakfast and get me ready for school because my mom was working. We had so much fun everyday, even when all we did was watch Blues Clues and eat cream cheese bread (with sprinkles). There were a few times Mam would let me miss school so we could go on a “field trip”, and I hope my children are able to do the same kind of activities with her. As I get older, I begin to realize more and more how selfless my grandmother is, no matter the time of day she is there for all of her family, we absolutely come first.

Jeanboh My Mom, Jeanne, aka Jeanboh. My first best friend, and to this day she is top on the list. My relationship with my mom has always been awesome. People confuse us for sisters all the time, and I couldn’t be happier. We talk every single day, and I know I can tell her anything. She is beyond supportive, and I am so excited to be starting a new adventure with her of opening our own Event Planning business! I don’t know how my mom is able to juggle five kids, a few part-time jobs, and still have extra time but she manages perfectly. (If you’re reading this, love ya Jeanboh!)


Now for my top two celebrity inspirations.


Lauren Conrad. I don’t even know where to begin, can I just be her? She has made such a name for herself since Laguna Beach & The Hills (although- I still LOVE both of those shows). She is one of the most successful businesswoman of our generation for her age. Between being an author, clothing designer, owner of several companies, and the most stylish person with the best hair ever, how does she have time for anything else? Well she does, because soon enough she will be Lauren Tell. It’s about time my favorite chica gets married!


Giuliana Rancic. She has been through so much with her journey to become a mom, and she managed to make it through. Giuliana has always remained classy and hilarious without ever taking any jokes too far. In an interview yesterday her husband, Bill said something about never flipping tables and pulling out weaves in an episode of their show, and G came back with a well ya never know remark. They are the cutest couple, and I really hope they continue to share their lives with the world, because I will never stop watching.
Who inspires you the most?


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