It’s Not Fall


Since September 1st (actually a little before) people have been posting about Fall coming back. I am not a fan of these posts because I love summer! I also can’t imagine doing anything fall related in 80-100 degree weather. I really don’t have anything against any season, but with how the weather has been in Baltimore this year, I am trying to savor every bit of each season I get. This past year we didn’t have a spring, it was cold until Summer started in June. I am happy with living in Maryland because I can experience all 4 seasons…most of the time.

I also don’t see the point in rushing any season except winter. The cold weather eventually does get old, and while I love snow, sometimes I like to get stuff done. For now though, we should cherish the last summer nights we have. This brings me to have a grudge against Starbucks for bringing back the Pumpkin Spice Latte so soon. 95% of my friends are ver excited about this, while I am against it. How can you drink a pumpkin drink when it is still summer? Doesn’t drinking a PSL remind you of picking out Halloween costumes? Sitting at a Homecoming Football Game? Do you have no heart? Maybe because I’m not a fan of the PSL, I just don’t get it.

Another thing I prefer not to see while I am still trying to wear my bathing suit all day, is people wearing their UGGs already. No, just no. For one, these should only be worn as slippers, the fad is gone. I will wear mine around the house, to get the mail or maybe even to the movies since most of the time I basically wear pajamas anyways, but STOP wearing them in September! When I did wear UGGs, I wouldn’t wear them until the leaves started changing colors, and let me tell you, no leaves are changing yet!

The third thing that annoys me about the Welcoming Fall To Sooners is the feelings they have against wearing white after labor day. boooo. If it’s still 85 Degrees, you bet I will be wearing my white shorts.

Like I said, I love all seasons, and I also love Fall Clothes, but don’t rush time. Enjoy these last nights around a bonfire after a long day swimming, fall will be here soon enough.


Which side of the spectrum are you on?

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