The first month of 2017 is already over and I’m still thrown off by seeing “2017” on emails and blog posts, etc. Anybody else feel like this is the f u t u r e?! It is so weird to me. January was a slower month in the world of Volpe life. I’ve been doing the contentment challenge (you can read my update on the EE blog!), smoothie cleanse, and trying to just be for an entire month…I think it worked!


With this extra time I have been engrossed in getting Enchanting Events and Designs ready for 2017 and I finally think we are ready to go! Somehow our URL was hacked at the end of December and I was thrown for a major loop. The old URL now directs to a nasty page, but I was able to get a very similar one set-up almost right away.  This means I will finally be back here more often, two days a week at a minimum, because I miss this space so much. I have been randomly reading others posts, but hardly spending the time I would like digging into the blogs that I love. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things!


We started 2017 in the Bahamas and it was awesome! Having a sunburn in January is a weird thing, but I don’t hate it. Our cruise experience was very different than last time, but we still made the very best of it. I can’t wait to cruise again! We left from the Charleston cruise port and it was a lot of fun to explore everything at sunrise with Dave and our friends.


As soon as I got back to Baltimore I had plans to turn around and leave the next day for Raleigh. Then my flight was cancelled. I have no idea why, but I ended up driving to North Carolina and getting stuck for the whole weekend. I’m not even exaggerating, I couldn’t go anywhere. I thought about flying home and then going back for my car but the airport shut down. Do you know why? A little bit of ice and then about an inch of snow. It made this Marylander laugh just a little.


The crazy thing is as soon as I arrived to NC, my grandmother called to tell me that my cousin had went into labor…TWO weeks early! I was staying in touch with all of them throughout the laboring process (which lasted a long time) and she delivered at 12:04 on Sunday morning. I decided to attempt the drive home on Sunday at 5am, and made it back to Baltimore around 11:30am. Baby Mayson is the cutest thing in the world. We are all so happy that him and mama are happy and healthy.

Lavender has been a saving grace for me. With the stress from EE, life in general and a few other things, I have been defusing and sniffing a lot of Lavender. I even started putting it on my pillow and it helped me fall right to sleep. I have never been one to believe in the “powers” of essential oils, but I recently bought a diffuser/humidifier and I’m in love.

Something a little random, Ellen is amazing. Seriously, this is a conversation I had with my sister and Dave recently and it’s stuck with me. She is so kind, caring and loving towards everyone. No matter who they are, what they believe, or what kind of lifestyle they have, she shows them love. She chooses love above all and I wish more people could be like her. She shares her opinions in a classy way, doesn’t seem to exclude anyone and is funny on-top of it. There are some many comedians that I can’t listen to because they are so shallow in their approach to sharing their opinions, as if throwing it in your face is the only way to make others think how they want them too. Ellen on the other hand is just one classy lady.

I planned on doing a monthly vlog, but I honestly didn’t have the love for that idea as I started the month. It may be something I dive into later into the year, but for right now I am going to continue doing the 1SE videos. Instead of sharing 30 seconds every month, I am going to hold off for 3 months. Can’t wait until the end of March!

Something that made me so happy this month was this video about a young guy (that looks a lot like Liam Hemsworth) who cared so much for his elderly neighbor that he moved her in with him. There IS good in this world!

How was your January?

Join me and Emelia on the first Tuesday of every month to share your recaps. It can be a favorites post, an overall recap, or anything in-between. We can’t wait to read about your last 30(ish) days!

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8 thoughts on “January Monthly Recap: Hello 2017!

  1. omg sorry you’re url got hacked, but at least you had a fun cruise to get over it. I’ve lived up North and South and yes their reaction to an inch of snow is hilarious. You should see the grocery stores, it’s like people are buying enough for the apocalypse ha

  2. Hey, girl, hey! We will never be used to winter weather in the South. It’s just a fact. We’re not used to it, and it will only happen like a week or so out of the year, so we’re not well-prepared. We’d rather just not do anything. Lol.

  3. Yay! Another monthly recap- I love seeing what you’re up to! I still can’t believe your site got hacked, so insane and how does that even happen?! I don’t know what I would have done had I been in your shoes but remain calm definitely wouldn’t be it…
    Wait- you were in NC this month? I love how you said it was a slow month but gf you were in the Bahamas and NC and Maryland.. I am seriously amazed at how you are constantly on the go. LOVE YOU and can’t wait to see you this month!

  4. Girl, I can’t wait to get back to blogging! Life has been so so crazy lately, and I just feel like I haven’t had two seconds to rub together lol. But reading your blog always makes me happy!

  5. I loved the Bahamas, I’ll take that any January. Sorry to hear about your EE website, that’s awful. I agree with you about Ellen…she always amazes me!

  6. I am loving this kind of recap– where you share random thought (I love Ellen too- I just think she is incredible!) and things you are loving right now (essential oils! I used to be skeptical too. I’m not obsessed with them like most people are, but I definitely think there is some validity to them!) Love that you’ve been taking it slower this month! And I love that I got to see you!

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