A to Z Challenge

Laugh Everyday


Laughing is truly the best medicine. I have been contemplating getting a tattoo of the word laugh because it means a lot to me. The best way to make me feel better when I am upset is to make me laugh. Laughing reminds me of all of the great times in my life, and makes me reminisce about the great memories I have with such wonderful friends and family. For the letter L, I am going to post one of my favorite stories, one that I continue to laugh at for hours and reminds me of one of my favorite people.

As I have mentioned, going out on the boat is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. It’s even better when we attach a tube or water skis and have a blast for a few hours. Most of the time the adults don’t get involved in the activities besides being look out and driving the boat, but the times they do decide to partake in the most fun part it is hilarious.

We were once out tubing with my uncle, aunt, and my cousins and things were going as they always do. My Uncle John was driving the boat and us younger ones taking turns on the tube. We were always a little scared because he was a crazy driver, and one of us would tend to go flying. On this particular day, Uncle John decided he wanted to take the tube for a spin. We took him around a few times to give him a feel for it, then went full speed and made a tight turn. Those few seconds leading to him flying through the air were picture perfect. He looked so happy and scared at the same time as he went several feet above the water, and frog dived at the bottom of his fall.

None of us could stop laughing as we turned the boat around to pick me up, and the first thing he said was that he couldn’t wait to do it again. I remember those few seconds perfectly, and continue to laugh everytime I tell this story. So whenever I end up upset about not having him around everyday, I remember the great memories I have with my Uncle John, and every single story makes me laugh.


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