Meet Lauren from Lot 48

It has been a bit since I introduced a new sponsor to the blog, and today I am excited to introduce all of you to Lauren of Lot 48! Lauren is a comedic genius that recently moved back to LA with her husband. After living in Utah for 8 years she is finally back to where she wants to be and I can’t wait to follow along with her adventures in the sunny state..hopefully there is room for me to come visit 😉


My favorite way to get to know someone is to find out a few answers to questions pertaining to their lives, but always some crazier questions. Enjoy!

Tell us a little about your blog:  My goal with my blog is to entertain.  I like to tell stories and talk about entertainment.  I also aim to inspire people. If I brighten someone’s day with my blog then mission accomplished!
Tell us a little about you:  I am moving to LA in a few days finally after five years away.  I want to be a comedy writer and am finally going to do it!
Where did your blog name come from?  I started the blog after I left LA and had interned at two production companies.  Each sound stage is a “lot” on a studio lot.  So i wanted to name my blog after that and i chose the number because of leslie knope from parks and recreation.  her tenacity, intellect and persistence are all qualities that I try to have.
What is your favorite color?  Red!
You just won $20,000 what do you do? Pay off debt!  Hahaha that would be such a lift off my shoulders!
What advice would you give a new blogger?  Find your niche and stick to it.  You have a voice and we all can’t wait to hear your new voice!

Thank you, Lauren for giving me the opportunity to show you some love!

Check out Lauren on her blog and social media profiles!

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  • Annie

    Hi Lauren! I am totally with her….I would pay off debt too….

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