Wedding Wednesday {My Best Friends Wedding}

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I sent this message to Dave yesterday:

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.20.30 AM

and I totally meant it. Only 4 weeks left until June 20th?! CRAZY!

Mirror Picture

But back to this weeks post, one of my best friends got married on Saturday, and it was such a beautiful wedding. She has been with her Husband (OMG) for almost 5 years, and I love them together. Throughout High School neither of us really wanted a relationship but when she found Dave, I had a feeling this was going to be the first and last relationship she would be in. He is a great guy, and they made my cutest little nephew.

Macy & Jenn Watching them seal the deal on Saturday was such an honor, and I loved being able to stand by her side. The weekend started on Friday with a nail appointment, picking up The Dress, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and it ended with some much needed girl time at the hotel where she would say “I Do” some hours later.

We all got ready in the hotel room, and shared some laughs and drinks throughout the day. Watching from afar while they had their first look was the first event to set off the tears, and it was so hard to keep it together during the ceremony (which my mom officiated!). The love these two have for each other is amazing, and I am so inspired by their hearts and love for Nathan.

Dave, Dave, Jenn, Macy

After the ceremony, it was time for pictures and the big entrance into the reception. Jenn and Dave walked in to “Blame It On The Alcohol” and it was the perfect way to get the party started. Everyone danced for hours, enjoyed some great drinks, and laughed all night long. I have mentioned it a few times, but it really is so much fun planning a wedding with a friend. Going through everything at the same time and learning each others lessons has been great.

Dave and Macy523 It was pretty cool to realize it’s our last big event before Mr & Mrs! I can’t believe the day is already over!
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  • Claire @ fashion + feathers

    Yay for yours coming up so soon!!! And I love the bright colors she used in her wedding.

    • Macy Gutermuth

      It’s so crazy! All of a sudden I am almost a “Mrs”!

  • Meg Taylor

    What a fun wedding!! I love the dress and colors! I wore that same dress in blue for my best friend’s wedding last summer :) Cannot believe how close we are getting until your big day!

    • Macy Gutermuth

      Good ol’ Davids Bridal haha. This is a dress I would love to wear again.

  • rachael

    Those colors are absolutely beautiful! Planning a wedding at the same timne as your best friend is seriously the best. There’s nothing like having someone to toss around ideas with! I can’t believe you’re one month away! I can’t wait to see how everything comes together :)

    • Macy Gutermuth

      Seriously! It’s so great to have someone who understands first hand everything you are going through.

  • Andrea

    The orange is lovely! Looks like you had a great time! I bet it was a lot of fun going through all the planning craziness with one of your best friends! You’re next!! YAY!!

    • Macy Gutermuth

      Thank you! We did, the night went by so quickly though!

  • Kristyn H.

    Aww, us June brides have to stick together! Speaking of, I can’t believe I have almost been married a year. Holy moly! That totally surprises me! I also can’t wait to see your wedding!!

    • Macy Gutermuth

      Oh my gosh!! A year already?! I remember reading your recaps thinking that our wedding was forever away.

      • Kristyn H.

        I know! I can’t believe it’s been that long either. It really did fly by, so I am excited to recap it one more time. I’m not sure I have any more pictures to share, but I am sure I can talk about something else. We are going on a week long trip over our anniversary, so maybe that’s why it’s on my mind?

  • Svetlana Holt

    So glad your friend’s wedding went well and now you can put all of your focus on your big day! 3 weeks and 2 days – can’t wait! – Sveta @ Life with a Side of Wine

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