My Favorite Hair Tools & Products

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All of a sudden I am all about the products. Before having Olivia I was a simple girl. I rarely blow dried my hair, I would quickly braid it if I wanted it out of the way and I didn’t use product outside of shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo, but now it’s like a whole new world for me! I use products and tools almost every day. I am still working on a skincare routine (aka- I do nothing as of now- HELP) but I will get there. I feel like I have been using these items for long enough where I can actually tell others what my favorite hair tools & products are!


The Products

  1. Kristen Ess texture spray. My hair is either flat or frizzy with baby hairs, there is no inbetween. That is until this spray came into play. A few sprays onto my roots after styling and the volume is pumped up a few notches. It’s amazing! 
  2. Kristen Ess texture powder. See above, but this is for braids, ponytails and buns. I use this on my hairline back to the bun or pony tail to give the top of my head some texture and volume, I also sprinkle some into braids and then loosen up a few pieces. 
  3. Husk dry shampoo. My friend Megan mentioned this brand on her stories and I had to try it because I had been spending $25 a can on Living Proof. I wasn’t able to get the exact match to her but I hope to soon! I am currently using the charcoal version and really like it! 
  4. Kristen Ess Style Assist Blow Dry Mist. Like I said, I never used products. I especially never used heat protectant, until I bought this! I like how it makes my hair feel, it seems to add some shine and it’s protecting my hair that touches some heat almost every day. 

The Tools

  1. Kristen Ess pivoting curling rod. This curling iron is amazing! My hair stays in beach waves for more than a day, the bend in the handle makes it easier to curl each piece and it’s also beautifully designed. Rose gold all day! 
  2. Kristen Ess compact blow dryer. Just like the curling iron, this blow dryer is adorable. I love how compact it is and it works well and quickly. 
  3. Blow Dry brush. HOW DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO BUY THIS?! I have read reviews for months, watched countless Youtube videos and instagram stories about this brush and didn’t make the purchase until Prime Day. You guys. It’s amazing! I have a blowout in just a few minutes and it’s so simple to use. 

Basically this is a confession of love for Kristen Ess products, but I can’t help it because I have yet to find something of hers that I do not like. 

I would love suggestions on great shampoo & conditioners or other products you highly recommend. 

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