My Journey Through Texas

Howdy Texas, I have arrived. Well, I did arrive. This trip was a few weeks ago, but this blog is new and I want to talk about it. I was in Texas for a business trip, and ended up driving a total of about 700 miles during 4 days and 3 nights.  I landed in the tiny San Antonio airport, got the car and drove to Austin.


What a cool city. The Capital building is huge, I would not expect such a big building for a small city like Austin, you can see one side from the other.


My first stop was for a Honey Vanilla Latte at Dominican Joes, it was yummy! If only they made them at Starbucks! I was very intrigued by the inside of the coffee shop, it was electric and modern.


After some coffee and sightseeing in the city I went to McKinney Falls. From images online they looks pretty large and in charge, but after I arrived it didn’t look the same. The hard rock all around the falls reminds me of what I think the moon will look like (I’ll get there one day, and get back to you) I am assuming it has been a while since it last rained so there wasn’t a large amount of water. But it was cool to see anyways. There is a small falls and a large falls, both only require a little bit of walking. If you don’t have anything to do and you want to venture about 10 minutes of of the city, go for it. I would have liked to hike around a little more than I did. So if you do, let me know 🙂


The last awesome thing I did yesterday was go to Torchy’s Tacos. Torchy’s is a chain business, but the one I went to was located in the “Trailer Park and Eatery” I tried the Fried Avocado. OMG it was amazing, I may have had a few more before I headed home.


I was staying in Horseshoe Bay, for the next 2 nights, which is about an hour away from Austin. Apple Maps took me back through a field in the pitch black and said I had arrived at my hotel. I was a bit freaked out and luckily made my way back to the main road. My hotel was about a mile down the road. Silly Siri wants me dead, or something.

Today, I attempted to find something to do in Horseshoe Bay, or Marble Falls. Which was a slight fail. TripAdvisor informed me of about 10 activities, half of them were hotels. I drove around a bit and found about 200 deer. 35 were in one persons front yard, I am used to deer being around my neighborhood, but not that many at once! At this point, I couldn’t wait to get back to a city!

Until next time, travel on!

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