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I am 100% sure I have mentioned my love for Target before, but bringing it up once, twice, maybe 27 times just is not enough. I found this article yesterday and feel the need to explain just how happy I am when I walk into Target. I have a story to go along with it…

Two days ago (although this happens every. time.) I needed one thing from Target and ended up spending over $75, and this is how it happened.

8am. My eyeliner broke, “Dave, we have to stop at Target on the way home, I need a new eyeliner” Dave- “Don’t you have others?” Me- “Yeah, but I think Target has some on sale” (meanwhile, I had no idea if they did or not but obviously they always have sales and then there i cartwheel so I figured it couldn’t possibly be a lie).

After work Dave went to get a haircut next door to Target, and I went in to buy my eyeliner. I had a coupon so I figured it would be okay for me to look at other makeup since I was already saving money. Into my cart goes lipstick, blush and a makeup brush. Since I am on this side of the store it would probably make sense to check out the hair stuff, I need some new things for my Halloween hair. Into my cart goes 2 boxes of hair dye and hair clips.

Speaking of Halloween, I should wander back to the holiday section and see if they have put anything on sale…and they had. Maybe I should get some glow sticks for going out? I probably should. Oh look, the Christmas decorations are already out, I think I need this ornaments now, it would be depressing if  when I come back and they are gone. Really though, I can’t believe the Christmas stuff is out already, I guess that means it really is getting cold…should I look at the blankets? Yep.

We could use a new throw for our pictures this weekend, and they are on sale. Into my cart it goes. They would match this throw pillow really well, but Dave hates throw pillows so I should put them back (score one for me putting something back onto the shelf). Oh. My. Gosh. All of the candles smell so good, I think we need just a few, or five.

While I am here I will check out the books, I should get a few to read on the plane next week. I already have a stack of 4 at home, but maybe I can get through them over the weekend…yeah right. Maybe the books will have to wait, I’ll read some reviews first. I got a book anyway.

I then realize Dave is probably almost done, so I make my way back to the checkouts. I realized I hasn’t looked in the clothing or dollar section yet, so there went another 20 minutes. I really love all the bathing suits on clearance, I’ll just get a top for now. I should also look at the scarves, I need a new one for our pictures. Ah! These 3 are perfect, I can’t possibly just pick one, so maybe two is fine.

The dollar section is full of goodies. I need all of these cards and stationary…oh man! Stationary, I forgot to look in my favorite section of the store so off I went. They have some really adorable Thank You cards, I will need some soon so I may as well get a few packs now, or maybe only one so when I run out I can come back here.

This is when Dave called and I needed to rush out of there before he saw my total…but I have a red card, so it’s okay, right?

It’s a few days later and I don’t regret any of my purchases…but I am already going through Target withdrawal…do you get the same feeling? Target has always been there for me, I mean come on it supplies Ben & Jerry’s, stationary and makeup…best BFF ever.



15 Thoughts on “My Life In Target

  1. Oh how I miss the wonderland of Target!

  2. Girrrrllll I totally hear you! I went in to get toilet paper one day and came out with $50 worth of stuff (although one of the things was your engagement gift, so I guess it’s okay 😉 )

  3. haha Macy I totally feel ya on this! I’ve learned that the key for me is to not even get a cart. Or a basket. If I truly want to buy just that one eyeliner then I can hold it in my hand and walk to the check out lane.

  4. OMG this is totally me. I cannot leave target with just one thing. LOVE LOVE LOVE target 🙂

  5. Story of my life. I have to avoid going there so I don’t overdo it on the budget and so my husband won’t be mad 🙂

  6. This is my life haha. I always somehow justify spending so much in Target!

  7. OH, Target!!!!! People don’t believe me when I tell them I just started shopping there in the past 2 years. Now that I’ve added the baby section to my cruising, I get even more! I have 2 within 1.5 miles now and it’s pretty awesome to be able to choose!

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