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Living in Baltimore puts me close to so many areas. I am less than an hour from Washington, DC, an hour and a half from Philadelphia, two hours from Ocean City, MD and Bethany Beach, DE, and relatively close to so many other places. Living in Baltimore makes adventuring around more fun when you don’t have the time for a weekend trip, but want to get away for the day. I often don’t realize how blessed I am to be Baltimore born and raised, especially because of it’s location. But my favorite place that is within driving distance is, New York City. I am about 3 and a half hours away, and have taken advantage through the years.

My first trip to NYC was when I was a baby, and I have been countless times since then. It is the perfect distance for a day trip, but also a nice mini weekend vacation spot since there is so much to do. Now that Megabus is around, I try to go there a few times a year, and most of the time it’s less than $30! The only problem is the price of a hotel, no matter what time of year it ranges from $150-$400 a night depending on location. The best thing to do is get a hotel in New Jersey right outside of the city, but near the train or a subway station. Now that I have explained how to get there, I’ll share some tips and tell you about my favorite spots and memories.


My number one favorite is the one and only, Central Park. There is always something to do and people to watch in the center of the city. You will always find street performers, little kids running around, the occasional celebrity (I always see them in the magazines, but never find them myself), areas where movies have been filmed, a pond to rent boats, and so much more. It is a great place for a picnic, or just sit down and relax after a long day of shopping.

Another free perk of the city is the Satan Island Ferry. You can take a ride from Battery Park to Satan Island and then hop on again to come back. You get a great view of the Statue of Liberty, and the skyline. So grab a snack, hop on for a ride and be ready to take a lot of pictures.

Shopping is one of the main reasons I visit New York, and Canal street is where it’s found! I’m sure most of the designer purses, jewelry and sunglasses are fake but for 75% less than what I would normally be paying, sometimes knockoffs are fine. The SoHo/Canal Street/China Town area has almost any store you would need, and they always have great sales. I once walked out with about 4 full bags and spent less than $100, now that’s how I like it! Most  of my favorite sundresses are from SoHo, and I can’t wait to get back for more in the next few weeks!


Everyone should stop by the LOVE sculpture. There are several of these throughout the world and I have only seen two of them so far, see the rest of the list here. It’s cool to say you have been there, it’s unique, and makes a great photo opportunity. Another must see for me is the Tiffany & Co. Store. They change the window displays to be little mini scenes with Tiffany Blue accents, they are all adorable!

I recommend two places to eat, although they aren’t near each other both are worth it. Epistrophy Cafe is a must for breakfast! Their omelet with mozzarella and ham is the best omelet I have ever had, and make sure you ask for the white sauce they put on their chicken to dip your potatoes in. The other place to eat is a bit unusual, but so worth it- the eatery inside Macy’s. Now of course Macy’s is somewhere you need to visit because it’s 7 stories tall, and has everything you would ever need personalized with my name (sorry, I had to throw it in there haha). You have several choices in the Macy’s eatery, but the pasta is my favorite. You chose the type of pasta, the sauce and what you want with it.



A top tip of mine is to ride the subway. You get to experience so much more when you are okay with traveling via public transportation. I know so many people that aren’t willing to take a bus or ride the subway, and they really won’t be able to see as much that way. It is safe, just stay away from the edge and you will be fine.

Most of all enjoy the experience, people watch, walk around and explore the unknown!

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