October Recap

october recap

There are officially 2 months left in 2015. I still have not purchased a single Christmas present, and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. While I don’t want to rush this beautiful season, I have to admit that I am super excited for Red Cups at Starbucks. Some people go nuts over PSL’s, but I am more of a Red Cup fan, put some Caramel Brûlée Latte in there and I am one happy gal.

So let’s get down to the October recap…seriously, it’s already the October one. I feel like we did so much, but also had a lot of down time because of Dave’s surgery. It was a good mix of both. I didn’t mention much about his surgery this time around, but due to the problems he has had with his heart, he has loose connective tissue throughout his body, which caused some problems with his feet. He had to have some ligaments tightened, loosed, and pinned, which will be a long recovery, but we will make it through! The surgeon ended up needing to do much more than expected, but now everything is finished and behind him. We did have to cancel our snowboarding trip to Colorado though 🙁

The downtime has allowed me to find some awesome things around the internet. Like this list of sounds that will instantly take you back to the 90’s, or this awesome speech by two bridesmaids (thanks Megan!), and this hilarious montage of people finding out they are going to be parents/grandparents– the bun in the oven is adorable. Also the below video of the one and only Justin Tucker basically sums up why it is so easy and fun being a Ravens fan. Win or lose, we have guys like this rocking the black and purple and that makes it worth it.

Something fun that I started this month is a Pinterest group board. Over the summer I found out about collaboration boards on Pinterest, and they have helped my following grow in just a few months. I started a group board for Travel, and I love seeing what others pin to it, and reading about their adventures. If you would like to be invited, leave your email address as a comment on this post or on one of my pins, and follow this board.

I had two posts on other blogs this month, the first was a post I did for my company blog about personality and music. This topic was something I have been thinking about a lot lately, and it happened to be the perfect time to talk about it. This may also be the first time I am actually directing people to my real-life full-time job, don’t stalk me…or do…we can go to the Chick-Fil-A that is right by the office. Also, on October 12th I guest posted on Flowers In My Hair and shared a day in my life. It was so fun to go through the motions of a regular day and share them with new readers!

We started the month at a beautiful wedding, even amongst hurricane weather it was amazing. The very next morning we left to spend a week in Raleigh to see some friends and some other secret stuff. Let me tell you, going to the airport 4 hours after a wedding ends is miserable. I don’t know how we made it. One of my greatest friends (^thats her!) moved to Raleigh 2 years ago and this was the second time we were able to visit. The story of how we became BFFs is actually pretty strange, but that is another story for another day. But, we absolutely love North Carolina, and the food was incredible. I love that state and city so much. I can’t wait to share more about or trip soon!

We only made it to the movies one time. What even is this life? We typically go at least 4 times. I feel bad for our MoviePasses this month. The movie we watched was The Intern and OH MY GOSH you need to see it. It was a really great movie with great actors and left me feeling all kinds of #GirlBoss. With the lack of movies watched, I was able to meet up with Laura and Megan for dinner, and it was amazing as always. I love these ladies! October October October While we weren’t able to do a bunch of fall things like we would have liked, I did go with my family to a corn maze, hayride and pumpkin patch. We had so much fun having the corn maze all to ourselves…benefits on going on a Wednesday night! Every year we go to the Navy Homecoming game with Dave’s family and we were able to get him out of the house! This was the first time my family came along, and we had so much fun! PS. You will see a lot of that scarf over the next several months. I love it so much! Some blog things that happened: I celebrated by 2nd blog birthday! I also announced a newsletter, sponsorships , resource page and co-hosted a Fall Link-Up With Meg and Veronica. One of my lovely blog friends, Hiedi from Row House 14 announced she created new worksheets, notepads and planners! Seriously, at the colors not amazing?! Annie from Montgomery Fest set my travel heart soaring with this post about Newport Ranch. Also something I have mentioned before, but deserves to be mentioned again- Annie start #ThePrettyPursuit on Instagram and it has since become one of my favorite hashtags to stalk, you should check it out and add your pretties! I hope you had a great month, here’s to November!

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