Oh The Places I Will Go

Oh The Places I Will Go

My “Where I’ve Been” map. Compared to world wide travelers I am no where near as experienced. But for me and where I am in my life I am quite content. The darker blue are places I have been, and the green areas are places that I would love to travel next. Within the next year I already know of 4 more places I will I will be traveling that I haven’t been to before, Mexico, Colorado, Boston and Arizona.

My problem is I fall in love with everywhere I go (Horseshoe Bay is an exception), since I fall in love I go back. Over and over. This needs to stop. I have so many more places to visit, things to see, people to get to know, and culture shocks to experience.

Bring it on, world. I am ready….errr well not quite yet. I do still have a full time job and only 15 vacation days a year. Not enough right, not enough at all! Life is short!

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