The letter Q is a really difficult letter when it comes to thinking of something that makes me happy to stick with my A to Z Challenge theme. After pondering for a few days, I decided on quiet. It’s not something I always have or always get but, at times it is wonderful.

Sometimes I just need to lay on my sofa without the TV or my phone and just think. ¬†Sometimes I like to go on a bike ride and think. But most of the time when I am looking for quiet, I take a bath and read a book. All of these things are great activities, but they don’t happen very often.

I am a very extroverted person, and I always like being around others. That being said, being with others is almost always a loud event. Having such a big close family, means family occasions are also always loud. There are times when I just need to step back, fill the tub, and grab a book, even if it’s only for 20 minutes. Taking the time to relax, take a breath and soak in the quiet is so necessary. I am beginning to think I should do it more often. Reading a book in quiet is starting to become something I need at the end of my day.

I am currently reading the Fault In Our Stars, and it is amazing. Since I have had a first hand experience with Cancer it hits a soft spot in my heart. I feel for these characters so much, and wish I could reach out to them. It really has opened my eyes to how every person reacts differently to the disease. Some stay totally positive, some become completely negative, and others can only take it day by day. It’s a totally different world once you, or somebody you love gets that diagnosis. Reading this book has been a great experience so far, and I can’t wait to finish it.




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