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I am stealing this idea from Annie and sharing my reverse bucket list! We all know what bucket lists are, but this one is different because it’s sharing things you have already done. It is great to check things off of a list, but we don’t always think back to the great things we have accomplished in life. Sometimes life gets so busy or we get stressed and we forget all of the blessings life has given us.


Got Married

Got married! Less than a year ago I became a wife and it’s been an amazing experience. I had my fears but Dave has shown me so much grace and love through our relationship, I don’t know where I would be without him. We have only just begun our marriage and it’s going to be quite the adventure.

Went to a live taping. We went to a taping of The Price is Right and it was such a fun experience! We waited in line for hours and the taping was only an hour and a half long, but we danced, cheered and acted crazy in the audience. The guy next to us was from the same area of Baltimore as us, and he was chosen to be a contestant!

Traveled (some of) the world. This is always a work in progress but I’m happy with the 10+ countries I have visited so far. I’m excited for the adventures that are still to come, and the lessons I still have to learn. Traveling was always important to me, but I had no idea we would actually be able to do this much.

Horseback Riding

Faced my horseback riding fears. I have never been a fan of horses, but I sucked it up and went for a horseback ride in California. The entire ride up the Hollywood hills was amazing, but then the ride down showed my reasons of fearing horses when it tired to jump off the side of the mountain…literally. Now I am fearful again, BUT I tried!

Moving out. I talked about doing this since I turned 18, but it wasn’t something I needed to do. A month after I turned 21 it had a feeling it was time and I moved into my own house. We both live in that house now, and it’s still in the process of becoming a home.


Rescued SharkBait. This little gal was a surprise because I never liked cats, I was adamant about my dislike of cats. But when I moved, I knew I didn’t want to always be alone and every sound would scare me…so we got SharkBait! I have been loving her ever since.

Started a business. This was something that never crossed my mind, I never thought I would be a business owner, and I didn’t think I would do it with my mom, but here we are. I am so excited for the weddings we have coming up and to see where this takes us.

Baltimore Bloggers

Friendships. I have made new friends and continued to grown friendships from when I was younger. There have been some amazing people in my life that have stuck around through it all, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that love and support, I have also made amazing friends from blogging, through Dave’s friends, and through creatives.

Started and kept up this blog. This is another shocker for me. 5 years age I didn’t even understand blogging, I had no idea why people would read blogs, let alone take the time to write them. I have dedicated myself beyond anything I could have imagined and I love it!

Swimming With Shark

Swam with sharks. This was so much fun and fed my obsession with sharks. My mom and I went during one of our trips to California and had a great time. The water was a bit very cold, but it was so worth the fear and frozen fingers.

I would love to see your reverse bucket list! It’s really fun to see what people have done that we might not know about!

24 thoughts on “Reverse Bucket List: What I’ve Done So Far

  1. I’m just giving you a fair warning- I’m stealing the photo idea in front of the AVAM. Ya know, when that day comes 😉 You have traveled and seen so many amazing places. I love talking about the world with you! We really were meant to be friends- I am terrified of horses. I took riding lessons as a kid and they had to put me on the slowest and smallest horse because I lost my mind on the first day. To this day I can’t walk in front of them. Ugh I totally feel your pain. I can’t believe you swam with sharks! So crazy cool! Can you post on that? or did you? Give me deets lady!!

    1. You totally should, it’s such a cute spot and it would be perfect for you! I love that I have someone to talk about my travels with, I just hope I can keep going to new places. I feel the same way!! One of my best friends has a horse and whenever we visit Raleigh she tries to get me to ride it, I just can’t do it! I do have a post on it, it’s from sooo long ago, so don’t judge 😉

  2. I love this. I did a reverse bucket list several months ago. It feels always to give yourself credit for all the things you’ve done, as opposed to the things you haven’t, but want to.

    That post is here if you want to check it out. 🙂

  3. Woof- I’m terrified of horseback riding, too! It’s on my bucket list to overcome, but your story makes me even more nervous! Ha! I had bad experiences as a child… yes- multiple experiences!
    I love your kitty’s name!!

  4. This is so fun! What a positive way to think about all of the adventures you’ve experienced so far in life. I think looking back on all of these types of things helps us understand how much we’ve grown as people over the years.

    1. Thank you!! It was nice to think about the things I have done and be happy about them again. It’s so easy to get caught up with everything you want to do, that you forget what you have already accomplished.

  5. This is SUCH a fun post! I remember when you said you were getting Sharkbait and I said, “But you hate cats!” Now I can’t imagine your home without that fuzzy little critter <3

  6. Awesome list! I’m not sure I could ever swim with sharks… I’m afraid of the little tiny fish, I can’t imagine what I would do if I saw a shark next to me!

  7. I saw that Jenn did one of these the other day, and I think that it’s such a great idea! I had no idea that you swam with sharks! That would have terrified me, but I totally know why you did it! And traveling the world is definitely not something that everybody has the chance to do, and I know that you still have a ton of places that you want to visit!

    1. Yes!! It was so much fun and so scary at the same time. They were bottom feeders, so they were more afraid of us than we were of them…HA that is a lie I was terrified…but it was so worth it!! There are countless places on my list to see, but I really am thankful for the places I have been. Every vacation is another adventure!

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