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From Here To There {San Antonio}

I. Love. Texas. I love Texas so much I really want to move there one day, so of course when I had another to chance to visit that lovely state, I jumped on it. I love being in such an awesome environment with great food, unique atmosphere, cool people, and a laid back kind of lifestyle. One day I will be living there, but for now I will stick with visiting whenever I can. In June, there was a conference in San Antonio and of course I wanted to go!

I have visited San Antonio once before, and silly me thought it would be lame and only left myself an hour to explore the city. Once I arrived I was in awe, and super bummed I had to leave so quickly, so this conference couldn’t have been in a more perfect location. I stayed in the Marriott River Walk, and my room had a balcony overlooking the River Walk, it was perfect!

Since I had 3 days to explore around I spent the first aimlessly walking, and ended up at the Tower of The Americas. It was really neat to go to the top and see the wonderful views, but it was crazy windy so I didn’t stay long. I was ready to get back out into the Texas heat though. I spent the rest of my first afternoon setting up for the conference and then reading on my balcony. The Spurs were playing the Miami heat at home for the basketball championship (is it called a championship? I obviously don’t pay attention to basketball enough to know) and the fans went crazy in the streets, even after loosing the game. It was cool to see all of the fans flood the streets though, reminded me of the Ravens winning the Super Bowl.

The other 2 days were spent mostly attending the conference, but I was able to squeeze in some more fun at night. One night I took a river cruise all the way around the river, it’s so amazing to me that you can’t even tell there is a river when you are driving on the street. It was such a lovely boat ride! After the cruise I had a Mexican dinner for the 3rd time, you just can’t beat Texas Guacamole! It was also nice to sit on the River Walk and hear everyone having such a great time.

Even though my stay was short, I had a great time. I will never get tired of Texas! #TexasForever (sorry- I had to!).  I even managed to work out everyday I was there! Woohoo. Another great thing about Texas is they sell alcohol inside WalMart- see below the $1 margaritas.

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