Valentines Day

Showing Love This Valentines Day

Valentines Day Free Printable

I have talked about my problems with Valentines day before and how I am moving on from that for the sake of Dave. He has always loved Valentines day, and goes above and beyond to show me how much he loves be throughout the year, rather than just on February 14th. After the amazing day he pulled off last year, with such wonderful surprises, I wanted to plan something special for this year.

A few months ago, we decided to continue our tradition from last year and make fondue again! It was a great compromise for the both of us and we were still able to have a great night from our own house. Dave decided that he would handle the menu for that, and I decided to arrange some other sort of activity for the day before Valentines day. I can’t wait to surprise him, and share what we are doing!

All he knows is where we are going in an hour away and we are staying the night. Since we will be in the car for a bit, I wanted to have a fun activity for the ride, and Megan gave me a great idea! I put together a list of 30 questions for us to ask each other along the way. The best thing about marriage (or relationships in general) is constantly learning about your spouse. By hearing their fears, opening the door for communication, and laughing together you can always get to know each other better.

I made the questions into a cute printable for us to take on the car ride with us, and for you to have as well!

Free Printable

What are your plans this weekend?



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