Small Changes

There is a large possibility that I won’t be living alone by the end of summer. No, I have not changed my mind about having a friend become a roommate nor will I ever. I love having my own place and being able to have whoever over whenever I want to. One (of many) great thing about mine and Dave’s relationship is that we both like entertaining, yet we also enjoy having time by ourselves. We also already practically live together. We go between his house in Baltimore City to my house in Baltimore County, depending on what we plan on doing after work. However, this routine is getting old quick.

I love having the option of both lifestyles, but I 100% prefer living in the county. Thankfully, Dave is slowly changing his mind about city living, and is looking forward to one day not having to drive around for a half hour to find a parking spot. This has led to us deciding where we want to live…together. I have a house, and he has a room inside of a house, with roommates. I love all of his roommates and we are all close friends, but I also love not having roommates of my own. We decided Dave would move in with me, but we couldn’t pick a time for it to happen. Until I went away for 2.5 weeks. We really realized that we are ready to live together all of the time, and in one house instead of two.

So in August, Dave will be moving in! I could not be more excited. This means spending more time together, actually being able to go grocery shopping because we know we will be at my our house to make dinner, no more traveling with SharkBait all the time, and redoing a few areas of the house! Luckily, Dave only has a rooms worth of things at his current house, so there won’t be much to make room for, but there will have to be some space changes.

I am beyond blessed to have a spare bedroom that is a closet, but I also have a closet in my bedroom that is full of my clothes. This will need to change if I plan on making space for Dave’s clothes, or at least some of them. The photo gallery wall above my fireplace will have to have some new pictures of Dave with his friends and family instead of just him and I, and me with my friends and family. The bedroom will have to be redecorated, 3 of the 4 walls are still bare, I can’t wait to jump into this project! I want to rearrange everything, maybe paint a wall and add some pictures and more shelves. A shed will have to be built for our bikes. My bike is currently behind the door in the entry way, but I know for a fact that Dave’s Mountain Bike and Road Bike won’t fit very well in the small area.

Even with everything that has to be done, I am the least bit stressed. I am so excited for the next adventure in our relationship, and can’t wait to see what happens next!




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