How I Survived The Smoothie Cleanse

I successfully completed the 14-day smoothie cleanse and I have lived to tell you about it! I can’t believe I actually completed it. Going into the cleanse I thought I would last 5 days, maybe 7 max. While I did have a snack 4 or 5 of the days, I made sure it was healthy, whole foods (like carrots and hummus) and a very limited portion.

Now that the 14 days are over and I have also had a weekend to see how I continued my healthy eating journey, I want to share what I liked, how I reacted and the pros and cons of the cleanse. For starters, if you are thinking about doing this cleanse- DO IT! Seriously. The minimal short falls of the cleanse were nothing compared to the successes.


How I Felt
For the most part I felt fine! I did get tired earlier in the evening (except one night), but it was easier to get out of bed in the morning. I would say that is a win. I managed to only have one headache throughout the 14 days, but it was BAD. I couldn’t fall asleep until 4am because my head was pounding. The next night I ended up having a chicken sandwich for dinner because I had already tried everything else and still had a headache. It helped some and I was able to fall asleep and wake-up feeling great again. PS I have to shout out my friend Annie, she helped me through the headache and gave me advice on what I could do to try and feel better. Love ya, girl!

Changes In My Body
In total I lost 12 lbs in 14-days. I am sure most of that is water weight and I will gain it back quickly. I am going to continue daily yoga practice which will hopefully help me keep the majority off.

– not worrying about what you are going to eat, I portioned my meals and froze them
– a boost on getting your body prepped to be more healthy and eat whole foods
– weight loss
– I was eating to live not living to eat
– enjoying non-processed foods for the entire 14 days
– no stomach pains which is very rare. I have a stomach ache on a very regular basis and I didn’t have one the entire time. (TMI but I even started my period and cramps were VERY minimal- again that is super rare for me)

– the worst headache I have ever had
– very weird dreams almost nightly. I don’t know if this is related but I figured it was worth mentioning


The Future
I absolutely want to stick with a whole food, non-processed, low-carb diet as much as possible. I do love pasta and bread, so there will absolutely be some cheats on that, but I am going to truly focus on eating better. I also want to continue limiting my alcohol consumption (which is hard to do when we are in Raleigh…and will not be happening on my birthday this weekend) but waterwaterwater is going to be my goal. And I hate to say it but breaking up with Diet Dr Pepper hasn’t been as terrible as I thought…but I’m all for #treatyoself

Something I learned was feeding my body before I got hungry was a must. A smoothie didn’t seem to satisfy me if I was already starving, so eating them at the same time everyday was really important.

Are you thinking about trying this cleanse or maybe another version? I would love to know!

  • Megan

    I am so so proud of you for doing the cleanse for the full 14 days! I’m going to try for at least 7 and see how it goes. I have crazy stomach problems too and the fact that you felt great is motivation enough to give it a shot! I already have low blood sugar so I’m not sure how that will factor in but again, healthy snacks are the easy solution for that. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the experience!

  • Lauren

    Wow girl! I’m so proud of you! That headache sounds AWFUL, but if the whole experience has put you in a mindset to eat better, then that’s fantastic!

  • Ashley @ Wandering Weekenders

    Way to go on sticking with your cleanse! I have to admit, I would worry about what I’m going to snack on too! And I think that’s awesome that you want to work on eating less processed foods and lower carb. When you start looking at what you’re eating, it’s amazing how much contains processed foods!

  • Chelsea Jacobs

    Get it girl! You did such a good job!!

  • Jen

    Great job! The headaches are the worst when it comes to any type of diet or cleanse.

  • Christine C.

    I’ve seen a lot of people talk about this and I thought about giving it a shot to get back into the whole healthy eating routine. I have been committing some terrible food sins (LOL) and my body is screaming for some vegetables and not necessarily tacos! Glad that it worked out ok for you!

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