Surviving Snow In Baltimore


I LOVE snow. I actually can’t stand the cold though, so unless the ground is covered in white fluffy stuff, winter has got to go. In Baltimore, the winters are either great or terrible, there is never an in between. Luckily, so far this year has been great in the way of snow! My front yard is currently covered in about 8 inches, and I couldn’t be happier! It also helps that I have my brand new Bean Boots!

When it does snow in Baltimore, there are several things you should be doing…

  • Sledding at Federal Hill. This is like the “end all be all” of a winter storm in the city. Grab a few drinks, a trash can lid if you don’t have a sled, and tell your friends when to meet you there. That is, if they aren’t already there.
  • Snowball fights. Thank God for Facebook groups because it is the main way to organize a huge snowball fight in the city. Between the different areas (Fells, Federal Hill, Patterson Park, etc) there are always a few snowball fights happening.
  • Get the list of which bars are staying open. Most neighborhood bars will stay open because the owners are your neighbors. Some will even have specials for those snowed in
  • Go grocery shopping AS SOON AS you hear there might be a storm. For some reason people think a few inches of snow means the world shuts down. The shelves will be empty in a matter of hours, so get what you actually need and get out.
  • Take a walk. The city streets look amazing in snowy weather, so grab your camera and go out for a walk! Shoveling can wait!
  • ENJOY IT! You live in Maryland for crying out loud, there will be 4 whole seasons. Summer will be here again before you know it.


  • MaysaAndSunshine

    My husband has always wanted to go to Baltimore but he made a clear statement “not in the winter time”.

    • heymacee

      It hasn’t been this snowy in yearsss! I am so happy about it though, the more snow the better :)

      Besides that though, you should visit! It isn’t all like they show on The Wire. If you decide to make a trip let me know! I’ll send some great suggestions your way!

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