Sushi Night!

Between work and work it’s so nice to find time for a triple date with my friends. We are really close with Dave’s roommates and even though they live together, we don’t get to see each other all the time. When one of them suggested a triple date night I couldn’t have been more excited!

It was decided that we wanted to have fun (if course), but not spend a ton of money (this is the hard part in Baltimore). We could always do the typical picnic at Federal Hill, walk around the harbor or go to the park but we wanted something more interesting. Making dinner is always a good time, but with 6 people it was literally too many chefs in the kitchen. We then decided on making our own sushi!

There is a market a half mile from the house so two of us got fish, crab and shrimp and the others got groceries. I had attempted to make sushi before and it was quite difficult, but I obviously wasn’t doing it right because it worked out really well this time! We had so much fun setting everything out and making some amazing sushi. The first few rolls didn’t look too perfect but they sure did taste good. It was a great time crafting our own dinner, enjoying some wine and Natty Bohs, and hanging out with eachother. If you like sushi, I highly recommend this for a perfect date night!


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