Target Addiction At It’s Finest



To some of my readers, this may seem ridiculous, but I am hopeful that others will feel similar. The week before I left for vacation, I didn’t have the time to do anything. Not even one of my favorite activities, what is that you ask? Target shopping! I kept attempting to go, not that I needed anything, but just because I wanted to check out anything new. The sad thing is I never had the time, so I was hopeful to maybe have the need while I was in Colorado.

As we drove down the road and that beautiful bullseye sign passed us by time after time, I knew it wouldn’t happen. It truly is an addiction, Target is a craving for me. Every time I go in my first stop is the dollar section, then bathing suits and clothes, sometimes shoes and then the stationary. Paper products also seem to be an addiction for me too, I send out cards maybe once or twice a month but I have about 500 cards waiting to be sent out. I can’t help but buy them! I couldn’t wait to buy more cards, and gift bags, and maybe even a new spring dress!

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived home it was too late, but you better believe my first stop after work the next day was Target. I bought a ton of stuff I don’t need, and spent way more than expected, but that seems to be the name of the game. I love the Oh Joy collection, and I can’t wait to go back and buy more! I started my list of supplies with some party hats, and noise makers. They are the perfect spring colors, and have adorable scalloped edges. I also stumbled upon the most awesome article about Target shopping.



Do you release stress by shopping, or have a favorite store?





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