Thankful For Coffee Dates


Even though Amber has decided to take a break from hosting the coffee date link-up, I’m still sharing this month because I love how much this connects others. It’s such a fun way to get out all of your thoughts and reading others posts gives me such an insight into bloggers lives.

If we were having coffee…I would ask if you are already in the Christmas spirit. I am so in-between this year. I am really excited for Christmas and everything that comes along with it, but with Thanksgiving not here yet, I am trying to slow down a bit. Our next month and a half is so busy, I want to savor as much of November & December as I can.

If we were having coffee…I would ask if you are loving one another lately. This election season has been tough. I see friendships being dissolved over mean remarks, and lack of understanding. Families being divided over judgement and lack of having an open mind. Cities being torn apart because of the people that will “stand” for anything. I have so many things to say, but for fear or rejection, losing friends, and the like, I will simply say that no matter your stance we NEED to show more love.

If we were having coffee…I would ask you how early you pack for a trip or vacation. I will admit I am a last minute packer because it is how my brain works. I know I will be using things the morning of our trip, so I wait until the night before to pack and then I make note of what I will need to pack in the morning. However, with three things to pack for over the next 3 weeks I am slightly going crazy. I only have time tomorrow to pack for each of them, we’ll see how it goes.

If we were having coffee…I would mention how aggravating it is when large companies want you to work for free. This article was shared in a Facebook group I am in and I was furious. To have the audacity to say that they can find someone that can do the work in minutes?! RUDE. Insert Stephanie Tanner here. Why do these multi-million dollar companies want everything for free? Would they work for free? I think not. Unless you are a non-profit or something similar, expect a hard no and a words of advice to rethink your strategy. There are so many companies I will no longer support, simply because they don’t want to pay for work.

If we were having coffee…I would ask you what you are excited about. I have a lot to be excited and thankful for right now, all starting with the amazing people that are around me. But I would love to know what has you excited right now.

So…shall we have a coffee?

  • Kayla Whitter

    The working for free issue is a touchy one for me. I’m not really a new blogger anymore (I’ve had my blog for almost 3 years), but I still have hardly no followers/shares/etc. I NEED the exposure, so when I get emails like the one shared in that article, I feel compelled to work with the companies. The worst thing is that they promise to share on their socials, etc, but I never get additional exposure or even see any shares from them. It’s so frustrating, but I feel like I have to in order to prove myself.

  • Jenn

    I’m totally in the Christmas spirit! It’s taking everything in me to wait to decorate until after we get back from MD for Thanksgiving. Every time I go in the garage and see the boxes of Christmas stuff, I want to get to work!

  • Jen

    I completely agree about this election season, it has just been terrible and it makes me sad to see people being so hateful towards each other.

  • Megan

    HA! How early do I pack for vacation? As soon as the plane ticket/hotel/airbnb is booked I’m already writing down ideas on outfits. I’m a little ridiculous with it and then I pack at least 2 days before I leave. Chris packs the morning of. Don’t even get me started ha. We’ve talked about the free publicity issue before and I’m starting to say no to companies because it’s insane. I have the readership and have worked for FOUR YEARS for those numbers, I’m not throwing it away for free (well, in most cases).

  • Alexandra Yargeau

    I agree with you about slowing down in the next few months. November and December are always crazy!!

  • Sarah Alway

    Oh my goodness, I couldn’t have summed up my thoughts about the election season better! I agree… everyone needs to show more love! Also I’m one of those people who does not jump ahead with holidays! I was livid when I saw stores putting up their Christmas decorations BEFORE HALLOWEEN! And my neighbors have had their Christmas lights up (and on!) for almost two weeks now! What is wrong with people?! Are we really in such a hurry? I prefer to celebrate one holiday at a time, thank you very much. 😉

  • Emelia @ Dream Big & Buy the S

    I’m totally a last minute packer, I can’t do it any other way…haha! I put up my coffee christmas tree early because the holiday flies by way too fast for me and at least that tree isn’t full blown Christmas! Ethan really loves it too, so that’s worth it to me also and helps convince Chuck that it’s acceptable 😉

  • Ashley @ Wandering Weekenders

    I’m totally a last minute packer too! The only time that I ever packed early was for our Europe trip, but other than that I’m throwing stuff in my bag the night before! This election season has been the absolute worst! I feel like social media gives people the opportunity to berate people for their opinions, when they wouldn’t do that in real life.

  • Lauren Doxey Packer

    I am excited for my trip to NYC next week!! Eeek!

  • Chelsea Jacobs

    Love coffee dates! I am totally in the Christmas first holiday season with a baby is just major heart explosion material so far.

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