The Neverending July

July was a weird month. It seemed like the first half of the month flew by and then for the last 2 weeks I have been looking at the calendar thinking it was almost August every single day. Maybe because we have such a long gap in-between weddings, or possibly because I was dreading the arrival of August since it’s our last full month before we leave for Japan (and I have nothing done) but all in all it was still a great month for many reasons…just a weird one.


We CELEBRATED the 4th of July. Hard. Like 5 days of celebrations and it was magical. If you have been a TTAB reader for a few weeks, you likely know that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. We typically celebrate on the 4th, but this year we did something a little different and had our big party on the 1st of July. {maybe that is what made this month a little weird?} We had never celebrated on a different day but with the 4th being on a Tuesday, we gave it a try. I am happy to say that next year, the 4th is on the 4th. However, we enjoyed waterfront living for the entire 4 days. Cookouts everyday, lounging on the water everyday, fireworks every night, friends and family constantly, it was GREAT.


We had a wedding. We had one wedding this month on the 8th and it was a heck of a wedding. The bride & groom were stunning and their friends and family were so incredibly sweet. Dave and one of my best friends helped us out and we couldn’t have done it without them. I can’t wait to share some more photos- but for now these BTS shots will do.

I celebrated babies. So many of my friends are expecting, which meant shopping at 10pm on a Friday night and getting a FULL cart of baby stuff. My heart was swooning walking around Target. I am so excited for all of these gals to welcome their own bundle of joy, and most of them are having girls! This month we got to shower a dear friends baby and I can’t wait to have her in my arms for some snuggles. I have known Hayley for 10 years (thank you, Ikea for bringing us together) and it’s been so much fun going through these life experiences together. We have grown so much.


We screamed. We took a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia (one of my favorite places) with Dave’s family and it was so much fun. We spent a day in Busch Gardens, then the next we wine toured our way around the area. I am so thankful to have gained such a wonderful family when I married Dave!


Water. Water. Water. Like I said about the 4th of July weekend, we spent every day in the water. I don’t know how I let the opportunity to grab a float and relax on the water pass me by for so many years. We have made it a point to spend more time embracing where we live, and it has made a big change in my life. It’s weird (there that word is again) to think I have lived in this same place my entire life and never really thought about tying up to the pier and relaxing for a few hours. BUT that has changed and we do it often.

I held the baton. The Baltimore Baton (started by Megan) is a shared Instagram account among Baltimore locals and I got to hold it last weekend! Check back on Thursday to see what we did!


Other fun things that happened this month:

– We redid some of our budget to meet new needs. I am excited to share about this in the future, how we make changes as we need to. Adjusting is necessary!

– I met Megan & Chris’ pup, Cannoli and he is the cutest ever!

– We cheered on the O’s with the Blogger babes & guys. A blate to Camden Yards is always a blast…but really anywhere with this group would be fun. I am so thankful for all of them!

 Join me and Emelia for the monthly recap link-up. Share what your favorite things were, what you did or just about anything else you would like to share from the past month! Link-up with us below 🙂 Join us again next month on the first Tuesday of every month to share your recaps.

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