Our Custom Renovation Update

We moved in! Going into this process I fully expected to blog throughout, but as it goes, life happened and I could barely find time to shower let alone blog. But we’re done and now I am hoping to recap a lot of the progress, things that went right and things that went very wrong. So here it is, an update on our custom renovation.

custom renovation progress

In total our renovation only took around 7 months. We moved out on July 1st, started demo on July 3rd and spent our first night back in our house on December 17th. This isn’t a crazy long time period for a renovation of this scale, especially during COVID but it felt like forever for us. We were our own general contractors, which meant finishing work, moving timelines, managing all the contractors, etc. which got especially crazy in the last 6 weeks as we attempted to wrap everything up.

A quick summary of the last few months- we spent a lot of early, early mornings and late, late nights at our house working on final projects. We moved in without everything complete because of Christmas. From the start I said I didn’t want to start this unless we would be home for the holidays (planning then also for Thanksgiving) so I wasn’t going to give that up. Even if it meant sleeping on the floor- which thankfully it did not!

Things like the linen closet shelves, our master closet system (more on this because I now truly love the PAX system from IKEA), tiling and grouting consumed our November & December. BUT it was completely worth it. I’m so thankful we were able to touch every aspect of this house we can now truly call home.

In the beginning of the process we didn’t really think of the endless decisions we would have to make, the overall vision we would need to come together, and the costs that would go up due to renovated during a pandemic. However, it’s all worth it for our custom renovation and dang were we humbled but also proud.

I have several posts planned for the next few weeks and really hope I can stick to a schedule of 2ish posts per week to get through them. Otherwise, head over to my instagram to see a quick house tour.

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