From Here To There: Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire

Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire To Travel and Beyond

To finish up the last of the states on the East Coast, we took a long weekend to see Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire. After this quick trip, I am really looking forward to making it back to these beautiful states. There is so much to see and we were thankful for a small glimpse of it while we were there. Especially in New Hampshire.

When it comes to location, we are super thankful to be in Baltimore. BWI airport is like the key to the United States, especially for Southwest. We can get pretty inexpensive flights for the East Coast, and even as far as the midwest. For this trip we toyed with the idea of driving to Maine ourselves, but then I realized how inexpensive flights were and decided we would fly. Southwest had also sent me a discount for a rental car, so we decided to make it a road trip.

We flew from Baltimore to Manchester, New Hampshire on Thursday night, got our rental car and were off to Vermont for our first night. The drive would have been about an hour and a half, but ended up being a bit longer because of construction. We arrived at our very sketchy looking hotel- seriously I thought it was a scene from a scary movie, checked into our room, and fell asleep. The next morning we were off to Brattleboro to go hiking.

Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire To Travel and Beyond

We stopped at a small market to get sandwiches and water for or hike, and I felt like I was transported back in time. Everything was quaint and very small town. The vegetables were grown by the neighbors, the milk was straight from their own cows (and in glass bottles!) the sandwiches were basically gourmet with various fresh cheeses, and the maple syrup was flowing. It was a very cool experience.

We explored the adorable town, then hiked and hiked and hiked some more. The view at the top sure was worth the exhaustion though. These mountains are nothing like where we have been in Maryland, there were snakes all over the place, and very rocky cliffs. It was a great experience!

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After our hike we were back in the car and heading to Portsmouth. Our hotel was about 5 minutes from downtown, so we quickly changed, and grabbed the shuttle to take us towards the water. We had dinner, walked around town, went to 2 breweries, sampled “Jimmy Juice”, and did some shopping- hello no sales tax! Portsmouth was absolutely charming and I can’t wait to go back!

The next day we explored a bit more, went to the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse and the Strawberry Banke museum, then were off to Portland. We arrived in Portland around 2pm, did a quick change and were off to explore the harbor. We walked along the water for a while, and decided to sign-up for a sunset cruise. We grabbed some appetizers and beers from a brewery, then were trying to find somewhere that had lobster rolls for under $20. We didn’t have much luck until we stumbled upon Andy’s Old Port Pub. The lobster roll was $15, so we ordered one and a potato pizza. The lobster roll was about 3.5 inches long, but the pizza was amazing.

Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire To Travel and Beyond

Our sunset cruise was the best part of the day, and we really enjoyed learning about the islands. The tour was really informative, so look our for an entire post about this soon! After our tour, we stopped by a craft beer store, and headed back to the hotel. Exploring 3 states is exhausting!

The next day was more laid back, we started the day off slow and then went to see the Portland Head Lighthouse up close. This is a funny yet annoying thing- we seem to always run into landmarks under construction, it happened numerous times on our honeymoon (I was majorly bummed about the Trevi Fountain), and it has happened a few times on our trips this year, like the Gateway Arch.

Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire To Travel and Beyond

Well the most photographed Lighthouse in the world- under construction when we arrive. I just couldn’t believe it. We enjoyed it anyways, and then explored the cliffs some. Dave also centered his zen and built a balanced rock formation on one of the cliffs.

After we were finished being adventurous, we wandered around Portland some more, then went to the LL Bean Store and outlets. I could’t believe how huge this area was! We got some great deals, explored 4 out of the 7 or so LL Bean Stores, and then stopped by another brewery on our way back to the hotel.

Our trip ended early the next morning as we went to the airport and then headed home to spend Memorial Day with our family. Cheers to a great vacation in Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire!

The vlog from this trip is a little long, and I debated breaking it up into a few different vlogs but since it was all one trip and we were constantly off to somewhere new, I figured one longer one would be easier. Enjoy!

  • Bailey

    Andy and I are thinking of doing a road trip up the Northeast cost sometime… It looks like we might be going in February, which I think is kinda cold to travel up north!

    • Macy Volpe

      February will be pretty chilly, but if it snows I am sure it will be absolutely beautiful!! We went to Boston and Rhode Island in December a few years ago and it was really pretty to see everything.

  • Kristyn | Dash of Herbs

    Oh good! You went to Freeport for the LL Bean store and outlets. Aren’t the outlets there just the cutest? I love how they are all white and look like homes. And that LL Bean store was HUGE. I couldn’t believe it was so big, but it’s also the only actual LL Bean store in the country…so they can make it huge.

    • Macy Volpe

      I LOVED those outlets!! I really wanted to stop at Ogunquit but we didn’t have the time :( It is on our list for next time!!

  • Emelia @ Dream Big & Buy the S

    Sunset cruise..sign me up! I’ve always wanted to go to New Hampshire, just seems like the cutest place. Love all your recaps and information! can’t wait to watch the vlog too!

    • Macy Volpe

      It was BEAUTIFUL! I’m going to do an entire post just about the sunset cruise, we really had so much fun. It was really windy so we ended up going inside on the way back, but the views were to die for.

  • Alexandra Stacey

    Ahh! I love reading your travel recaps. It gives me serious wanderlust.

    • Macy Volpe

      Aw thank you!! I’m hoping that they inspire others to travel a little more 😉

  • Ashley @ Wandering Weekenders

    Y’all had such a busy trip, but that’s awesome that you were able to visit so many different states! Chris keeps on talking about how much he wants to visit Maine, so I hope we get to visit soon!

    • Macy Volpe

      It was really busy but so much fun, I was so excited to see anything and everything that we could. Now I am ready for a vacation of just relaxing haha. You should go if you can! I hear that Fall is the best time to visit.

  • Jacquelyn @ Lowcountry Mama

    This looks like so much fun! I’ve never been up there and I don’t know why, growing up in NJ and all. I especially would love to see Vermont.. I hear so much about that small town, local farm vibe you described at the market.

    • Macy Volpe

      It was a beautiful trip and we were able to see so much with the states so close. I can’t wait to go back to Vermont, especially to see more of the hometown kind of feel.

  • Jenn

    Looks amazing! I am so excited to move up that way! Also, what do you use to film the vlogs? Do you have a gopro or do you use an actual camera?

    • Macy Volpe

      You are going to love it!! I actually use my iPhone! I have the 6s and it shoots in 4k. I am debating buying a camera but I love the being able to pull out my phone. I’m using a go pro for our trip to Mexico, so we’ll see how that goes! I am a little worried about the sound being as good.

  • Annie

    Looks like SO MUCH FUN! We’re going to VT this fall and will take any and all suggestions! Also, your vlog is so stinkin’ cute! You are adorable!

    • Macy Volpe

      OH my goodness!! We need to chat about this, where in VT? We really want to go back and go to Burlington one year to see it in the fall. I have heard the views are stunning.

  • Annie

    Also, Dave looks SO uncomfortable with you vlogging in public…it’s hilarious.

    • Macy Volpe

      Um he is, and I really wish he would snap out of it lol.

  • Lindsay

    “We don’t have lighthouses where we live.” Ummmmmmm, Poole’s Island Lighthouse is right by Jellyfish Joel’s just southeast of the Gunpowder!!!

    • Macy Volpe

      I have been to several on this list! I more meant that we don’t have the abundance of lighthouses like they do in New England, they are just everywhere!

  • Jasmine @makingrestorations

    what great whirlwind trip. you guys hit a lot places. you’ve got me excited for my own trips to portsmouth and new hampshire

    • Macy Volpe

      I am so happy with what we were able to see in such a short amount of time. Portsmouth was my absolute favorite, I can’t wait to go back again!

  • Ashten @ Just Go Left

    What a charming little city and a wonderful trip! Loved the video too!!

    • Macy Volpe

      Thank you!! It was a great trip and we were thankful to see so many places in a short amount of time!

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